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Who's Who?


Abortionists of the 20th Century
A glimpse of who did and does abortions.

Abortionists Post-Roe
Legal abortion practitioners of note.

Anthony, Susan B.
A feminist icon, opposed to abortion.

Bell, Becky
Becky died of pneumonia after a miscarriage; she's become the poster child for secret teen abortions, and her parents were recruited by abortion advocates to fight parental involvement.

Crutcher, Mark
Controversial founder of Life Dynamics; called "the most dangerous anti-choicer in America."

Gage, Matilda
A forgotten champion of women's rights, pro life feminist.

Harrah, Eric
Former abortion clinic worker and lover of abortionist Steve Brigham, Harrah made a false conversion when a break-up with Brigham left him in need of the lucrative speaking engagements he could get. Lately he's resurfaced, saying that the conversion was genuine.

Karman, Harvey
Inventor of "menstrual extraction" and "super coils," one of the most colorful characters of the pro choice movement.

Koonin, Lisa
Key pro-abortion researcher, employed by the Alan Guttmacher Institute and the Centers for Disease Control.

Lejeune, Jerome
French geneticist and life advocate who discovered Trisomy 21, the genetic cause of Down Syndrome. He's one his way to sainthood, according to recent articles.

Lozier, Charlotte Denman
An early feminist and a pro life physician honored by Feminists for Life.

Lyons, Emily
Nurse injured in the Birmingham clinic bombing. To add to the tragedy, her injuries have hardened her heart and she has become a vociferous pro-abortion speaker.

Malthus, Thomas
The man who popularized the idea of overpopulation. Although his theories have since been discredited, the Malthusian philosophy still has a large, powerful following.

McCorvey, Norma
The "Jane Roe" of Roe v. Wade, now a pro life activist.

Nathanson, Bernard
One of the key leaders of the American movement to legalize abortion, converted to the cause of life.

Reardon, David
Pro-life activist and researcher, director of Elliot Institute.

Sanger, Margaret
Agitator who coined the term "birth control" and launched the modern birth control movement. A consumate eugenecist and racist.

Santoro, Geraldine
Women found dead in a motel room from criminal abortion; her photo is widely used by abortion advocates.

Singer, Peter
"Professor Death," Singer is the "ethicist" most prominent in the death-advocacy movement.

Stanton, Elizabeth Cady
Early feminist, honored by Feminists For Life.

Stengle, Sylvia
Head of National Abortion Federation, key promoter of partial birth abortion.

Storer, Dr. Horation
Storer spearheaded the original AMA campaign against abortion -- and pioneered many other advances in women's health care.

Sopher, Dr. David
British abortionist, inventor of the Sopher forceps used in D&E abortions.

Participants in PPFA Abortion Conference
Who was who -- the inner circle of abortion experts -- in 1955.

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