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Abortion-Related Violence Against Women
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Pregnant women can be subjected to threats, assault, and even murder when they refuse abortions.

Abort Twist in '82 Vanishing
New York real-estate scion Robert Durst - who long has stonewalled questions about his wife's mysterious disappearance in 1982 - forced her to get an abortion in the mid-1970s, her brother claims.

Benitez in trouble with Baltimore P.D.
An investigation revealed the couple has a history of "undocumented violence since the spring of 1999," the report said. O'Neill stated their relationship worsened when she became pregnant this year and Benitez "forced her to have an abortion," the report said.

Farmer jailed for acid attack on girlfriend
KOTA KINABALU: A farmer, who disfigured his girlfriend by pouring acid on her in a bid to abort their child last September, was jailed 15 years by the Sessions Court.

Guilt over abortion led to suicide of prisoner
In the aftermath of his girlfriend's abortion, 27-year-old Chikel Dorisme stabbed Cara Beth Policelli to death in a Tampa General Hospital parking garage on March 2, and eventually killed himself in prison.

Many Faces of Coercion
Women who refuse to abort may face beatings, threats, and even assault and death -- right here in the United States.

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