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Teens are at special risk when faced with a possible pregnancy. A look at teen exploitations and how to protect the pregnant teenager.

Adolescent Abortion
From The Association for Interdisciplinary Research in Values and Social Change

Big Brother vs. Erin's Mom
A mother learns the hard way why we need laws for parental involvement in the abortions of underage girls.

Brazilian Rape Victim's Baby Baptized
A 15-year-old Brazilian girl who had once requested an abortion has given birth and had her baby baptized. She and her mother will raise the infant.

Claims of Injury Involving Induced Abortions by Teenagers without Parental Notice or Consent
Suits filed on behalf of injured teens.

Differential Adverse Impact on Teenagers Who Undergo Induced Abortion
"[J]udges, counselors, other adults, ... will be involved in the decision-making process approximately 40% of the time in situations where there is no parental involvement. It is important that all who may be involved are aware of the adverse effects of induced abortion on teenagers."

Instant Abortions for French Schoolgirls
France has authorized school nurses to hand out "morning after" pills to French schoolgirls as young as 12, without parental notification.

Instant Abortion for Your Daughter at School?
Pro-family members of the House of Representatives are working to protect your daughter from the pregnancy police. The bill would block federal funding to distribute 'morning-ater pills' in public schools.

Mother Not Told of Thirteen-Year Old's Abortion
Diana Lopez wasn't informed of her daughter's pregnancy until the girl was being treated for life-threatening complications from a secret abortion.

Officials Will Investigate Planned Parenthood Abortion on Raped Ohio Teen
County officials are looking into an abortion on a young teenage girl who appears to be the victim of statutory rape. Her parents have filed a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood for violating the state's parental notification law by not telling them of her abortion, which may have been coerced.

Parents File Lawsuit Over Secret Abortion on Alaska Teenager
A social worker affiliated with an Alaska hospital arranged a secret abortion for a 15 year-old teenager in Seattle paid for at government expense.

Perpetrator Jailed After Arranging Abortion
A Nebraska man who posed as his victim's father to arrange an abortion has been sentenced to prison for felony child abuse.

Religion Trumps Adolescent Hormones
Thanks in part to a growing number of Christians, whites adolescent males are now nearly as disapproving of abortion as Black and Hispanic adolescent males, accoring to Family Planning Perspectives.

Somebody get a set of crutches, because this is the lamest thing I've heard in weeks
A Planned Parenthood got off tthe hook for having made a phone call to a pregnant 14-year-old's 21-year-old abuser instead of to her parents as required by law, by saying basically, "Hey, we called the number she gave us."

Statement by Attorney General Phill Kline in Response to a Call for Investigation of the Rape of Kansas Children
Kansas AG investigating abortion facilities' cover-up of child sexual abuse.

Teen's abortion prompts lawsuit
The girl was 13, the suit noted, when a 21-year-old impregnated her in December 2003 or January 2004.

When children abort children
An abortion facility called police to remove a worried mom from their premises, and lied to her daughter about the fact that she was there, calling out for her.

Why is this even necessary?
RE: The Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act. Why is this law even necessary? Isn't it already kidnapping to take a child out of state without the parents' consent?

Why teenagers need adults' help in decision-making
Modern science is proving what parents have suspected for years: Teenagers' brains aren't like those of adults.

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