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Abortion 101
Abortion History
Abortion Violence
Aborted Alive
Dirty Laundry
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Dirty Proabortion Tricks

Maternal Health
Post-Abortion Help
Pregnancy Help
Prenatal Diagnoses
Rape and Incest
Teens and Abortion

Activism Links
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Personal Accounts
Related Issues
Unwanted Abortions

Believe It Or Not!
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Abortion Questions and Answers
Abortions Vs Childbirth
Cells, Fetuses, and Logic
Save the Baby Humans Foundation
Stand to Reason
Why Women Have Abortions
Prominent liberals says foreigners aren't people


Population concerns, social justice, quality of life for the dying and those with disabilities

Adoption Resources
Links are provided to give you information about what is available. Unless I've marked a link "Best of the Net," I've not investigated them and can't vouch for their character.

Against Their Will
A look back at North Carolina's shameful forced sterilization program.

Population Concerns
Malthus was wrong. Why are we still basing public policy on his ideas?

Death Penalty Issues for Life Activists
Research indicates that as many as 1 of 7 Death Row inmates are not guilty of the crimes for which they've been condemned to die.

End-of-Life Care
Death with dignity does not mean a garbage bag over your head.

Abortion and eugenics still go hand in hand after all these years.

Fetal Status in Non-Abortion Contexts
What is the status of the fetus when we step outside the context of abortion?

Human Tissue Ethics/Abuses
Is the focus on transplants leading us to dehumanize the ailing and dying?

Media Bias Against Prolifers
Learn how the mainstream media act as a huge free publicity agency for the abortion lobby.

Social Justice
Social Justice for everyone, especially the disenfranchised and those subject to abortion, euthanasia, and other forms of deathmaking.

Adaptive Equipment for Special Needs
Life is better, and community integration easier, if you have the right adaptive equipment and resources for your special needs.

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