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Prolife, prochoice, and abortion-neutral links.

Activist Tools: Contacting Congress
Learn the basics of contacting your member of Congress. Can you just send an email? Capitol Hill veteran and US Politics Guide John Aravosis answers some questions. Part of the "Activist Tools" Series. From Kevin Reid, Human Rights Guide.

Analytical Tools
Having trouble sorting out conflicting claims? Don't let professional propagandists confuse you. Links to help overcome rhetorical tricks.

Online Web site translator, to and from French, German, Italian, Portugese, and Spanish.

Does the FBI Have a File on You?
A handy printable form complete with instructions on how to file the FOIA request for your FBI file.

Easy way to publish a college newspaper
The just-launched College Publisher, a free Web-based publishing solution that does the heavy tech lifting behind sophisticated online college newspapers, gets high grades from clients. From About guide to US Newspapers Jack Downs.

Evaluating Charities
How to investigate organizations asking for money or support, by Nonprofit Organizations Guide Stan Hutton.

Getting Press
How to handle public relations, from Human Rights Guide Kevin Reid with Public Relations Guide Jeff Domansky.

Help With Your Homework
Links to help you put together that perfect speech, paper, or presentation.

How To Investigate Bills with Thomas
How to get information on Federal legislation, by Women's Issues Guide Karen Gould.

How To Watch Your Legislators with Thomas
How to get information on what your elected officials are up to but not telling you about, by Women's Issues Guide Karen Gould.

How To Write to Your Legislator
How to make your voice heard by your elected representatives, by Women's Issues Guide Karen Gould.

ICD-9 Codes and Descriptions
How to read those numerical medical codes. A valuable research tool online.

ICD-9 Online
Find the medical and procedural codes you need to understand a document or order database information.

Layman's Guide to Reading Court Decisions
Help plowing through the legalease.

Letters to the Editor
The original "interactive media," letters to the editor are surviving and thriving in the digital world. Includes tips on writing letters, and Web sites that use letters in special ways. A new feature from About guide to USNewspapers Jack Downs.

Letters to the Editor: Part 1
Alternative Media Guide Penny Perkins brings important insights into how the publishing world works and how to navigate therein.

Library of Congress Online Catalogue
Help finding those rare items at LOC.

Online Books
Online life-issues articles and books, as well as links to some scandalous abortion advocacy writings.

Online Medical Dictionary
Look up medical terms.

Prenatal Development
Explore the world of the unborn child.

Pro Life Speakers
Your first stop for finding quality speakers for your pro life event.

Pro-Life Shopping Online
Links to places to buy pro life checks, bumper stickers, tracts, educational materials and other merchandise.

Prolife Periodicals Online
Prolife and conservative online periodicals and journals, and links to medical journals and periodicals online.

A pro-life home page's excellent list of references, both on and off line.

Reporting Abuse/Legal Referrals
If you have been injured by your abortion, or were abused or mistreated by staff at the abortion facility, there are resources for you.

Research on Life Issues
Research into the things that make people think abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia are necessary.

Scott vs. Sanford
Fetuses aren't the only humans that have been disenfranchised by the Supreme Court.

Starting a Nonprofit Organization
Your starting point for building a nonprofit, by Nonprofit Organizations Guide Stan Hutton.

US Constitution
Complete and unabridged. Visitors are welcome to find the penumbra from which emenates the "right" to abortion.

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