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Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics
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Believe It Or Not!
 Food for Thought
• 19th Century Abortion Cases and Other Self-Injury
• Abortion, Law, and Real Choice
• Abortion, Suffering, and the Chinese Widow
• The Abortion War and Communication
• Another Anti-Choice Fanatic
• Are Abortions Used as Birth Control?
• The Bad Old Days of Abortion
• Botched Abortion Leads to Amputation
• Coathanger Abortion: Powerful image, but how true to life?
• Comparative Safety - Abortion & Stuff Folks Get Riled About
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• Unequal Burden on the Poor?
• Unintended Late Abortions
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• What Real Informed Consent Would Look Like
• What's "Adequate Access" to Abortion?
• What's the Need for Abortion?
• When the POC Really is Just Tissue
• Where's the Pro Choice Movement on Elective Amputations?
• Who is the Enemy?
• Who's Putting the Unborn Ahead of the Born?
• Women Who Change Their Minds After the Abortion
• Women's Rights are Common Ground
• Your Bedroom, the Government, and Abortion Laws


There are three interrelated levels of lies involved in abortion advocacy:

Lies to achieve political ends
These include the old lies about women dying in droves before legalization. The goal of these lies is to convince people that they should trust abortion-advocacy organizations to set public policy in order to protect women's lives and well-being. People tell these lies in order to obtain and maintain political power, and to pursue their social-engineering agendas.

Lies to get people to trust abortion facilities
These include lies about the 'services' offered in abortion facilities, and the safety of abortion. The goal of these lies is to get people to turn to abortion facilities for help if they so much as suspect pregnancy. These lies are told both to keep abortion rates high, which gains political clout for the abortion lobby, and to generate income for abortion facilities.

Lies told to sell the abortion
These are the lies told on-site to women to get them to consent to abortion. These lies are told to sell abortions and make a profit, to achieve social engineering ends by getting certain women to abort, and to maintain a high abortion rate to keep up the political clout of the abortion lobby.

To help sort through the truth versus lies and distortions, go to Analytical Tools.

Abortion Poll Recycled Disproven Roe v. Wade Question
A survey conducted by Quinnipiac University relied on a question with false information.

Abortion: A Public Health Miracle?
Your Pro Life Guide looks at a CDC report.

The anatomy of an abortion-lobby myth
Fact-Check has analyzed how an opinion piece turned into the widespread myth that abortions have increased since Bush took office.

Becky Bell
Opponents of parental involvement for abortion use Becky's death to scare parents. But what really happened to Becky Bell?

Dirty Laundry
Learn what really goes on inside abortion clinics, from those who still work in the industry and those who have fled. You can also hear from women subjected to abortion clinic exploitation and abuse.

Feminist Researcher "Proves" Abortion Increases Self-Esteem
David Reardon analyzes a much ballyhooed piece of shamless manipulation of bad data.

Ignorance and Mushrooms Grow Best in the Dark
A call to the National Abortion Federation is very enlightening, by your Pro Life Guide.

"Koop Report" on Abortion
Prolifers say there is no "Koop Report," just a letter to Reagan. Prochoicers say that there is a "Koop Report" that found abortion to be perfectly safe. How can both sides be telling the truth?

Late Abortion Lie: The Anesthesia Kills the Baby
Pregnant women and their loved and wanted babies were endangered by the pro-abortion claim that the anesthesia for partial birth abortion killed the baby.

MSM, get it right!
One more time, with feeling: We are not opposed to stem cell research! We're just opposed to gutting embryos to get them.

On the use of Human Shields
How abortion promoters use women's tragedies to further their own agenda.

Where in the world is she getting this idea?
I'll give Dana Reeve the benefit of the doubt, but who in the world told her that "spare" IVF embryos couldn't grow into fetuses even if they were implanted in the uterus?

"You can always have another baby later."
Yeah, with a high risk of an extremely premature baby.

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