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Preventing Unintended Pregnancies
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  Explore This Site

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Abortion Questions and Answers
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Stand to Reason
Why Women Have Abortions
Prominent liberals says foreigners aren't people


Liberal and conservative life-friendly approaches to pregnancy prevention.

Exploring Celibacy
Say "Yes" to better relationships, "No" to STD's and unwanted pregnancy.

Life-Friendly Birth Control
Your Pro Life Guide brings you links for finding birth control without abortifacient effects.

Teen Pregnancy Down Between 1995 and 1997
Maryland leads the states in declining teen pregnancy. What are they doing right?

AMA Peddles Bad Medicine to Teens
Consortium of State Physician Resource Councils points out flaws in AMA pro-condom, anti-abstinence stand.

Campaign for Our Children
A powerful program that helped Maryland to lead the nation in reducing teenage pregnancy.

"Do Sex Education and Access to Contraceptives...
... Cut Down On Abortions?" A look at what our sociological experiments with sex ed have produced in the way of results.

Facts Sexuality Education Products
Professional site selling abstinence-based sex-education materials.

Herb may weaken birth control
You'll never find your herbal remedies having this kind of effect on abstinance or NFP!

Love Matters
Ezine for those interested in having a rich life, free of the devastating consequences of uncommitted sex.

Molly Kelly
A dynamic speaker promoting abstinence and healthy sexuality.

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