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Pre-Legal Abortion Deaths
Mostly the handiwork of physicians
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1932: A String of Abortion Deaths in Oklahoma City
The spring of 1932 brought a sudden string of criminal abortion deaths to Oklahoma City.

A 1923 Abortion Death
Was Annie Allison the only victim of "Dr. Green?"

A 1929 Abortion Death: Ruth Weir
Was Ruth the victim of a criminal abortionist, or was Dr. Maruice Strum really trying to save her life when he performed the fatal abortion?

Abortion History: Blind Abortionist Kills Patient
Sarah Howe was charged with abortion and with manslaughter in the death of 23-year-old Helen Clark. Helen died September 16, 1941.

12/21/02 - Abortion History: Esther Williams' teammate killed by botched abortion
Virginia Hopkins Watson thought a baby would spoil a film career.

Abortion History: Pittsburgh heiress killed by abortion
Florence Schnoor, grand-niece of Andrew Carnegie and heiress to a Pittsburgh steel fortune, died in 1942 from a criminal abortion arranged without her husband's knowledge.

Barbara Lofrumento, Criminal Abortion Death
Dr. Harvey Lothringer tried to flush Barbara's remains down the toilet.

Chicago, 1928: Abortionist Sentenced to Die
The first person sentenced to die in Illinois's new electric chair was a doctor whose patient died after a criminal abortion.

Criminal Abortion Deaths Uncovered
It wasn't that easy to hide an abortion death when abortion was a crime.

Criminal Abortion: Edith Green
Another example of the trickiness of hiding the body from a criminal abortion death.

Criminal Abortion: Rose Lipner
Hiding the body after a criminal abortion death could be difficult.

Did an Abortionist Ruin Fatty Arbuckle?
Funnyman Fatty Arbuckle never recovered from accusations that he murdered Virginia Rappe in 1921. Did an abortionist's attempts to cover his tracks help to thow suspicion on an innocent man?

Gertrude Pinsky, Criminal Abortion Death
A tip led police to a private home, where they found an abortion practice and the body of Gertrude Pinsky.

How a 1947 Abortion Killed an Heiress and a Doctor
In an illegal abortion, the accomplices shared the risks.

Jacqueline Smith, Criminal Abortion Death
Jackie's boyfriend and abortionist wrapped her dismembered body in Christmas paper and disposed of her in city trash cans.

Jesse Ketchum: Back-Alley Butcher Gone Legit
Ketchum's record as a criminal abortionist was clean. He went on to kill two women in a four month period performing legal abortions in New York.

Nancy Ward, Abortion Death
Nancy's abortion was retroactively declared legal after Roe v Wade, erasing Dr. Richard Mucie's conviction in her death.

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