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Post-Abortion Stress Support
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These are links for education, and for long-term post-abortion help. In an emergency, call your local suicide hotline or click on the Suicide Prevention link in the sidebar to the left of the screen.

An excellent blog by and for post-abortion women.

American Victims of Abortion
Support, advocacy, and public education.

Amid Rising Abortions, Taiwan's "Fetus-Spirit" Temple Online
A Taiwanese kindergarten teacher who had an abortion and is overcome with guilt has found the Internet has opened up a place to mourn, pray and even play with what many Chinese believe to be the "fetus spirit."

Baby's Prayer Foundation
Christian singer Kathy Triccoli and other Godly women reach out to the abortion-minded or post-abortion woman.

In Memorium
From After Abortion. Tributes to aborted children. A beautiful page suitable for prayer and meditation. Add your child's name if you wish.

Pastoral advice when dealing with young people who find out that a sibling had been aborted Best of the Net
From Priests for Life.

Post-Abortion Stress Syndrome Support and Research Best of the Net
Information, message boards, and advice. This site equally respects all viewpoints on abortion. If you are pro choice and leary of pro life outreach, this is a great place for you to start.

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