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Polls and Attitudes
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Prolife, prochoice, and abortion-neutral links.

Abortion Support Declining among Women, Study Shows
Study by Center for the Advancement of Women showed 51 percent of women believe abortion should be prohibited in the overwhelming percentage of cases. Seventeen percent believe there should be a total ban, 34 percent say it should be outlawed except for rape, incest, or life of the mother.

ABC News Poll
Approval of RU-486 by income.

Abortion Approval by Birth Cohort
Graph of approval of legal abortion, by decade of birth of respondents.

Abortion Approval by Political Leaning
Graph of approval of legal abortion, by political leaning over time.

Abortion Approval by Religion and Education
Graph of approval of legal abortion, by religious affiliation and level of education.

Abortion Approval by Religious Intensity
Graph of approval of legal abortion, by religious affiliation and importance of faith to respondents.

Abortion Approval by Sex and Race
Graph of approval of legal abortion, by race and sex.

Abortion Attitudes, Income, and Ethnicity Best of the Net
No frills, but great data.

America is conflicted on abortion
A new poll by the Los Angeles Times show support for Roe v. Wade dropping. But even so, support for abortion remains strong. US Politics Guide John Aravosis looks at the poll, and explains the contradiction.

Americans Divided Over Abortion Debate
Gallup polls on abortion attitudes.

Americans Oppose Destructive Embryo Research,
As two very different bills are introduced in the House of Representatives this week on stem cell research, a new poll commissioned by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops shows that Americans strongly prefer one approach over the other.

Beltway media are out of touch on abortion
The Washington press corps is mostly blind about abortion and about the fact that most of their fellow citizens strongly oppose what is called abortion on demand, that is, surgical termination of the pregnancy at any time for whatever reason.

Beyond "It's A Baby"
Excellent analysis of abortion attitudes, by Frederica Matthewes-Green.

Gallup Abortion Polls over Time
Graphs of responses to a variety of Gallup abortion polls over the years.

"Middle Majority" Best of the Net
David Reardon elaborates on research into American attitudes toward abortion -- a must read for prolifers who are perplexed by the prochoice and "mushy middlers."

If America Supports Abortion, Let's Vote
Jewish World Review Dec. 28, 2000, Ann Coulter looks at the oft-repeated mantra that Americans are enamored of the abortion "choice."

More Than 70 Percent Want Abortion Limits, Poll Finds
The poll found that 16 percent of Americans think abortions should be illegal in all circumstances, and 55 percent said it should be allowed only in cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother.

New Jersey Abortion Poll
University study of public attitudes to specific abortion questions.

Nine Reasons Abortion Should Be Illegal
A prolife response to Planned Parenthood's "Nine Reasons Abortion Must Be Legal."

Poll: Abortion is Manslaughter
A poll asking a slightly different question from the ususal.

Polls Which Reveal A Pro Life Majority
Summaries of results of various polls.

Times They Are A-Changing
March 1, 1999: A majority of American women -- 53 percent -- now support the pro-life position on abortion, according to a survey commissioned by the Center for Gender Equality, a feminist advocacy group headed by former Planned Parenthood executive director Faye Wattleton.

"What We Really Think About Abortion"
Mona Charon looks at real American viewpoints versus assumptions about abortion attitudes.

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