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Pro-Life Political Action
PACs, voting guides, and other resources for the politically-active prolifer
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Prominent liberals says foreigners aren't people


Blow to Pro Life Protesters and Free Speech
The Schumer amendment to Federal bankruptcy code punishes free speech of life advocates while retaining protection for malpracticing abortionists.

Carhart Ruling Kills Efforts in 30 States
In the wake of the Supreme Court's Carhart ruling on partial-birth abortion, Virginia stands alone in striving to protect the nearly born.

Constitution Party
Formerly the Taxpayers' Party, and 100% Pro Life.

Democrats for Life
The folks who were silenced (and in some cases, beaten up) at the National Convention.

Libertarians for Life
Libertarian arguments for life advocacy.

National Governors' Association
Bi-partisan organization including all governors of US states and commonwealths. Information on political trends, common agendas, etc.

Project Vote Smart
The most comprehensive voting guide I've ever seen.

Republican National Coalition for Life
Protecting lives in the Republican tradition.

Susan B. Anthony PAC
Pro-life feminist Political Action.

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