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Personal Accounts of Abortion
Formerly at About.com
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  Explore This Site

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Abortion Questions and Answers
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Stand to Reason
Why Women Have Abortions
Prominent liberals says foreigners aren't people


First-person accounts of the effects of abortion on women, families, and abortion providers.

Abortion Industry Refugees
Hear from folks who have fled the abortion industry and can tell how they fell into abortion and how they managed to escape.

Conversion Stories
What leads people to abandon abortion advocacy and embrace life? Open your eyes to the possibilities.

The Power of God
God moves to heal the wounds of abortion.

Real Children
Who is targeted for abortion?ƊChildren who were nearly aborted.

Women Killed by Abortion
Links about specific abortion mortality cases.

Cynthia's Story
Cynthia went through with her abortion, although she hoped the staff would notice her distress and help her.

Testimonies Page
From the Silent No More campaign.

Women's Stories About Abortion
Voices that get lost in the rhetoric.

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