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Abortion Statistics
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Prolife, prochoice, and abortion-neutral links.

Abortionist Crist Muddies the Waters
Crist claims that fetuses just slide out whole and live sometimes during routine second-trimester abortions.

Late Abortion Lie: The Anesthesia Kills the Baby
Pregnant women and their loved and wanted babies were endangered by the pro-abortion claim that the anesthesia for partial birth abortion killed the baby.

PP and the Michigan Abortion Law
A classic example of why Planned Parenthood is careful not to provide too much information.

"Abortion Comes Clean on its Dirty Secret"
Reflections on the media complicity with the abortion industry's changing tactics in the late abortion debate.

"Accuracy of 'Partial Birth' Statistics Questioned"
An example of how a researcher -- in this case, Stanley Henshaw -- can design a study to get the numbers he wants.

The facts on partial-birth abortion: Both sides have misled the public
The Bergen County Register story that first blew the lid off PBA lies.

"Chink in the Pro-Abortion Armor"
Excellent analysis of the Partial-Birth Abortion brouhaha by Concerned Women for America.

The Complication of Decapitated Children
Abortion enthusiasts can't make up their minds about why they're so confused about partial birth abortion bans.

Doctors see lies behind reasons for late-term abortions
Physicians point out the lies being used to promote partial birth abortion.

"Head of Abortion Group Admits Lying in Interview"
The Washington Post reveals how Nightline elected to keep abortion industry secret: NCAP leader Ron Fitzsimmons' admissions that "party line" on PBA is lies.

How Liberals Do Hearings
A look at the strange and disengenuous tactics used by supporters of Partial Birth Abortion when presenting their case to Congress.

Media Rex: Partial Truths
The pro-choice New Republic admits to having been bamboozled on partial birth abortion. Kudos for the admission!

Partial Birth Abortion: A Crisis in Law and Medicine
Abortion enthusiasts use lies and distortions to overturn late abortion laws.

Partial Birth Abortions: Dispelling the Myths
Assorted abortion enthusiasts' lies about entact extraction addressed in one handy place.

"Partial Birth Abortion for Fetal Deformity"
A closer look at the specific cases Clinton used as an excuse for his veto.

"Partial Birth Revisited"
An accurate summary of abortion advocacy lies except for one flaw: Mildred Hanson claims it does improve maternal safety in D&E the head is suctioned out. But that's only if the head is left "floating" after the rest of the fetus is extracted.

Testimony by Curtis Cook, M.D.
A board-certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist and a subspecialist in Maternal-Fetal Medicine, specializing in complicated pregnancies because of preexisting chronic medical conditions of the mother, or suspected abnormalities in the baby, testified before Congress about PBA lies.

They Want To Kill The Baby
A jumping up and down, see-I-told-you-so piece looking at the reality of PBA.

"When Abortions Come Late in a Pregnancy"
Are they really for medical reasons? See what US News & World Report found.

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