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National Prolife Resources
Networking and information
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Suicide Prevention

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Aborted Alive
Dirty Laundry
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Maternal Health
Post-Abortion Help
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Prenatal Diagnoses
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Unwanted Abortions

Believe It Or Not!

Prolife, prochoice, and abortion-neutral links.

Community of Faith
Communities of faith have long fought to protect the vulnerable. Find various denominational and spiritual groups working to promote respect for human life.

Euthanasia: Organizations
Links to organizations fighting euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide, collected by your Pro Life Guide.

Professional Organizations
Teachers, nurses, police, pharmicists, physicians -- join others in your profession in their efforts to protect the vulnerable.

American Life League
Excellent resources and online magazine.

Americans United for Life
Offers excellent resources, including state-by-state information.

Feminists for Life of America
Founded by two women expelled from NOW for refusing to recant their pro-life beliefs, Feminists for Life remains true to the founding mothers of feminism.

Life Dynamics, Inc.
Led by Mark Crutcher, the organization abortionists hate most. Dossiers, litigation support, and educational efforts. Ask for FREE issue of LifeTalk Video Magazine.

Life Issues Institute
Founded by Jack Willke, Life Issues Institute works smarter, not harder, with strategies based on what people really believe and want for themselves and their communities.

National Right to Life
With a variety of resources, focused on pragmatic political action.

National Women's Coalition for Life
Founded by women fed up with being misrepresented by mainstream feminist groups. This link takes you to their Statement of Committment.

Pro-Life Action League
Joe Scheidler's group, headquarterd in Chicago. Members helped trigger The Abortion Profiteers series by the Chicago Sun-Times. Innovative resources.

Republican National Coalition for Life
Protecting lives in the Republican tradition.

Stop Planned Parenthood fights Planned Parenthood in the US and internationally.

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