Midtown Hospital's Late Abortion Scandal
Are those late abortions really killing healthy babies?
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'Can This Hospital Leave Babies To Die?'
A closer look at reports of live births at Midtown Hospital.

Complete Disregard
From National Review online.

Following Abortion, 'Live Birth' Babies Face Long Odds
A report on the occasional treatment afforded to babies that survived abortions at Midtown and other Georgia hospitals.

Health Care Providers Asks Federal Court To Block New Georgia Criminal Abortion Ban
Center for Reproductive Rights backs Midtown. Just whose interests are they protecting?

Judge Orders Midtown Hospital Closed
A Fulton County judge shut down Georgia's biggest abortion provider based on state claims that Atlanta's Midtown Hospital is so filthy and badly run that patients' lives are endangered there every day.

Live Births, New Policies Issued By Midtown Hospital
An article dated 1983 shows how long Midtown's persisted in its practices.

Midtown Hospital's Late Abortion Scandal
Midtown Hospital was placed under special supervision when an investigation raised the possibility that illegal third-trimester abortions were being passed off as legal, second-trimester abortions.

Midtown Hospital
Gwinnet Coalition has an online listing for Midtown as a "service" to women.

Midtown's Notoriety Began With 'Live Births'
A retrospective on Midtown's shady history.

New Abortion Method Injects Baby's Heart
A piece on Midtown's attempts to eliminate embarassing live births.

Sara Niebel, Abortion Victim
Sixteen-year-old Sara died after infected amniotic fluid entered her bloodstream during an abortion at Midtown.

State Records Show 14 'Live Births' In 3-Year Period At Hospital
Looking back to 1983.

State Reports 'Shocking Disregard' For Patients At Midtown
Midtown Hospital, GeorgiaÁøs largest abortion provider, was shut down after the state documented conditions there which shocked inspectors and revealed women patients were being treated in unsanitary, overcrowded, poorly staffed and dangerous conditions.

What Investigators And Employees Saw At Midtown
Includes damning excerpts from employee affidavits.

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