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Believe It Or Not!
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• Key Scriptures Concerning Abortion
• Defining "murder" in the Bible
• What About Abortion?

Post-Abortion: Mental Health Crisis
Links to immediate help for the post-abortion woman and others in crisis considering suicide.

Abortion 101
Basic prolife information on abortion statistics, methods, laws, and complications.

Abortion History
Abortion history, with a focus on the United States, and pre-legalization abortionists and practice and criminal abortions.

Abortion Malpractice
Stories of abortion malpractice and botched abortions, maternal injuries and deaths from abortion.

Abortion Methods
How are they done?

Abortion Mortality
Legalization was supposed to stop women from dying. The experiment failed.

Abortion Statistics
How many, when, where, and why.

Abortion-Related Violence
Abortion seems to attract violence. See the side of abortion violence the mainstream covers up.

Abortionists Post-Roe
What kind of folks do abortions now that they're legal? From the fly-by-night to the high-and-mighty.

Aborted Alive: The Dreaded Complication
To an abortionist, the "dreaded complication" isn't a dead mother -- it's a live baby.

Activism Links for Pro Lifers
National, state, local, secular, and religious -- how to hook up with like-minded folks and take effective action.

Africa: Life Issues
The people of Africa fight against racism and genocide.

Analytical Tools
Links to help you separate the chaff from the grain.

Believe It Or Not!
Like Dave Barry, I often have to remind folks that I am not making this up! Links to stuff people don't believe if they don't see.

Cannibalizing Fetuses
What some folks are doing with those aborted fetuses.

Chemical Abortion
Better living through chemistry?

Coma Recovery
Is stimulation the key?

Community of Faith
Join others of various faiths in their life advocacy efforts.

Conjoined Twins: A Pro Life Perspective
Conjoined twins touch on issues of abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, quality of life, and medical ethics.

Conversion Stories
How people made the switch to a prolife stand.

Dirty Laundry
What abortionists don't want you to know about what really goes on inside abortion clinics.

Dirty Proabortion Tricks
And prolifers are the ones with the reputation for being nasty...

End-of-Life Care
Providing comfort and pain relief, not a bunch of pills and a trash bag.

Information about threat to the lives of the vulnerable: the elderly, infirm, chronically ill, and disabled.

Why did they quit?

Exploring Chastity
A rich life is possible without a sex partner.

Feminism and Abortion
Feminism from a prolife perspective.

Fraud, Crime, and Tax Evasion
When abortionists break the law.

Defining common terms.

Graphic Stuff
Not for the squeamish or easily offended, links to graphic abortion photos and information.

Human Tissue and Organs: Ethical Issues
Exploring the ethical issues involved in human tissue and organ harvesting and transplants.

Sometimes you have to either laugh or cry. Pop in here for a break.

Infanticide: Choice Delayed
There has been an alarming trend of mothers dumping their newborn children and/or killing them.

International Pro-Life Info
Links for information outside the US or on a global scale.

Late Abortions
A small percentage, a big issue.

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics
How abortion advocates in pro choice groups and the U.S. government create the illusion of benevolence.

Life-Friendly Birth Control
Controling your fertility doesn't mean you have to make your body a hostile environment for new life.

Live Birth Abortions
Delivering the baby prematurely to let it doe.

Maternal Indications
Help for women who are being urged to abort for reasons of maternal health.

Stuff that doesn't fit anyplace else yet.

National Abortion Federation
Compare for yourself what they say and what they actually do.

Partial Birth Abortion
Links about the controversial and profitable late abortion method. Learn who, what, when, where, and why.

Partial Birth Abortion Lies
How abortion fanatics try to make brain-sucking abortions seem rare and necessary.

Perinatal Hospice
Helping women and families facing potentially lethal fetal abnormalities.

Personal Accounts
First-person accounts of the effects of abortion on women, families, and abortion providers.

Polls and Attitudes
What do people really think about abortion?

Post-Abortion Stress Support
There are resources to help you cope with your pain. The sooner you seek help, the sooner you will begin to recover.

Pre-Legalization Deaths
Before widespread legalization, women died from illegal and legal abortions.

Pregnancy Help Centers
Help for women facing pregnancy under difficult circumstances.

Prenatal Diagnoses: Suppport/Resources
Your Pro Life Guide brings links providing support and information to parents and families of children with birth defects.

Preventing Unintended Pregnancy
Liberal and conservative life-friendly approaches to pregnancy prevention.

Pro-Choice Efforts
Pro-choice doesn't always mean marching in lockstep. Prochoicers can -- and do -- buck the system.

Quality of Life
Improving the quality of life for vulnerable people takes away the reasons many people favor abortion and euthanasia.

Rape and Incest
Is abortion really the most compassionate choice for victims of rape and incest, or is it just sweeping their problems under the rug?

Reference Materials
Your Pro Life Guide brings links to prolife and related reference materials online.

Related Issues: Promoting Life
Population concerns, social justice, quality of life for the dying and those with disabilities

Repeat Abortions
Roughly half of all aborters in American have already undergone at least one prior abortion.

Solving problems, without killing anybody.

State by State
Your starting point for information and organizations in your state.

Teens and Abortion
Resources and information especially for teens and their parents.

Unwanted Abortions
The problem the pro choice movement ignores.

Who's Who?
Links to significant players and victims of the culture war over life issues.

Women Killed by Abortion
Links about specific abortion mortality cases, both before and after legalization.

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