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Maureen Tyke, Abortion Death
Died after abortion by John Britton
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Maureen Lynne Tyke, age 21, went to Aware Woman Clinic in Florida for an abortion on May 27, 1983. The abortion was performed by John Britton. The abortion itself appeared to have gone without a hitch, although there was a note that Britton discovered that Maureen had a complete double uterus and cervix.

About 24 hours after the abortion, Maureen developed nausea, vomiting, chills, and malaise. The next day, May 29, she was admitted to the hospital with fever, chills, and extreme weakness. She was cyanotic and had very low blood pressure.

Doctors performed a hysterectomy, hoping to remove what they believed to be the cause of her sepsis, to no avail. Maureen died early in the morning of May 31.

According to the autopsy, "The death...is attributed to the florid myocarditis, probably of viral etiology." The medical examiner added, "In my opinion, the myocarditis is a disease which probably preceded and apparently was present at the time of the abortion. The intensity of this myocarditis should indicate that the young woman was very ill and there should have been some signs or symptoms of serious illness at the time she was being prepared for the abortion."

The clinic had detected no contraindications prior to abortion surgery. Tyke, a Pennsylvania resident, was in Florida visiting a friend.

Sources: "Clinic’s Patient dies 4 Days after abortion," Jane Shealy, Florida Today, June 1, 1983; Holmes Regional Medical Center, Legal Investigation, Autopsy Report # [Legal] A-83-128-LMA, 5-31-83; Florida Certificate of Death # 83-042495

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