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Laurence Reich, Abortionist and Pervert
Sexually abused patients and botched abortions
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Yvette Chambers learned firsthand why it's a bad idea to have an abortionist for a gynecologist: She was molested by Dr. Laurence Reich during an exam. She filed a complaint with the California medical board, one of many complaints the board received against this osteopathic abortionist dating back to the 1970s.

CNN notes that checking the California medical board web site will give only limited information on his background:

The site shows that he "successfully completed" a 10-year probation period in 1994 and shows that an accusation was filed in 2003. It says that "case is pending. Physician has not yet had a hearing nor been found guilty of these charges."

The listing does not show that he had his license suspended in 1982, before he was put on probation./

It also does not say that he was arrested in 2002 on sexual battery charges and pleaded no contest to one count of sexual exploitation by a physician, a misdemeanor.

This page of the medical board documents contains the following allegations in the 1980s:

Reich "testified on his own behalf but failed to establish the existence of any mitigation, extenuation or rehabilitation from his problems." The board ordered a psychiatric evaluation and indicated that he was not to practice medicine until he'd been treated and cleared by a psychiatrist. Rheich was placed on ten years of probation with the board in 1982.

Two more patients came forward in 2000, after Reich became Medical Director for the “Clinica Medica” abortion chain, replacing the abortionist Nicholas Braemer, who had lost his medical license after years of malpractice and negligence. Operation Rescue points out that Reich's chain of abortion facilities targets Hispanic women, many of whom are in the country illegally and thus not likely to step forward to report malpractice or abuse for fear of deportation. Operation Rescue reports that "Reich only spent one day in jail for sexually assaulting two women at the Clinica Medica Para La Mujer De Hoy abortion mill in Panorama City. He was never fined, however, because Reich had filed for bankruptcy in 2000, and says he has no personal assets – in spite of the fact that he lived at a posh Beverly Hills estate with is wealthy wife at the time."

Operation Rescue reports that other Clinic Medica Para La Mujer De Hoy abortionists that have lost their medical licenses for violations related to botched abortions and falsifying medical records and Medi-Cal abuse. OR names Nicholas Braemer, Mohammed Dia, and Phillip Rand. Physician’s assistant Steven Turnipseed left Clinica Medica after he was disciplined for performing abortions without a license.

For an inside look at this abortion mill, see "It was horrible, horrible!"

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