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Question AbortionTM
Did I deserve the death penalty?
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 Question AbortionTM
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• Another anti-choice fanatic
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• Did I deserve the death penalty?
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Did I deserve the death penalty?Look into the eyes of this woman and ask yourself, "Did she deserve the death penalty?"

Unless you're already opposed to the death penalty on principle, you'd probably ask, "Well, it depends. What was her crime?"

Her "crime" was being conceived through rape.

Do people who were conceived through rape deserve to die for what their fathers did? Feminists For Life of America is asking this question as part of their Question AbortionTM outreach campaign.

I've addressed the issue of abortion for rape before, from the perspective of the pregnant woman or girl. But it behooves us to look at the question from the perspective of the person with the most to lose: the unborn child.

From a purely secular perspective, it seems bizarre to punish the criminal with prison, and his child with death. In fact, killing the relatives of somebody who has harmed us sounds more like organized crime than it sounds like any kind of justice.

From a Christian perspective, we have Biblical admonitions not to put the child to death for the crimes of the father.

Yet even prolifers, even Christian prolifers, balk at defending the life of the child conceived through rape.

Is this child any less deserving of protection?

Question abortion. It's an imperative, now more than ever.

Picture courtesy of Feminists For Life of America

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