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San Vicente Abortion Hospital
Seedy abortion mill bought out by "Fast Eddie" Allred
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San Vicente Hospital is part of Family Planning Associates Medical Group, a National Abortion Federation member, and the largest chain of for-profit abortion facilities in the world.

San Vicente has also operated under the name "Women's Care Hospital."

The following lawsuits were filed after San Vicente was taken over by FPA:

Family Planning Associates Medical Group, through Avalon Hospital, began operation of San Vicente in late 1984. In 1985, Avalon requested a license to operate San Vicente under its own name, but the license was denied after a survey conducted May 6, 1985. The health department letter indicated the reasons why the application was denied:

Avalon lacks the ability to conform to licensing requirements and is not of reputable and responsible character. Specifically, we are concerned with Avalon's failure to demonstrate its ability to function as a General Acute Care Hospital when complications arise in the treatment of a patient in its normal course of business. This concern arises from the deaths of two patients in recent months, one at Avalon Memorial Hospital, for which Avalon is the licensee, and the other at San Vicente Hospital under Avalon's management. These deaths, along with other matters which have come to light during the course of our investigations to determine the advisability of granting Avalon's two licensure applications, have led us to conclude that Avalon has not satisfactorily demonstrated its ability to function as, and provide all the services required of, a General Acute Care Hospital. We are also concerned about Avalon's ability to assume the responsibility for providing all of the services required for the category of licensure sought. This concern is based upon, among other things, several of the deficiencies and plans of corrections which arose from the most recent survey of San Vicente.

Avalon contended that its plan of correction was sufficient to warrant licensure, and that the medical board's "conduct involves a denial of ... due process right to a fair, impartial and objective evaluation of their suitability for licensure." (LA Count Superior Court Case No. C556003, health department letters dated 6-21-85 and 8-12-85, letter to health department from Avalon representative dated 7-3-85, Declaration of Edward C. Allred dated 10-7-85; Medicare/Medicaid Certification and Transmittal 12-6-84)

Pre-FPA lawsuits:

Suits that may not have involved abortions include:

Deficiencies noted in December 1984/January 1985 inspections (Statement of Deficiencies and Plan of Correction December 4, 5, & 28 1984, January 10 & 29, 1985):

Field visit November 10, 1983, noted unauthorized construction breaching integrity of a load-bearing wall. Cease and desist order issued. (Health Department letter November 14, 1983, Cease and Desist order November 15, 1983)

September 1983 inspection noted lack of functioning emergency generator. (Statement of Deficiencies and Plan of Correction 9-30-83)

Deficiencies noted in July 1983 inspection (Statement of Deficiencies and Plan of Correction 7-30-83):

Deficiencies noted in January 1983 inspections (Statement of Deficiencies and Plan of Correction January 12, 14, & 17, 1983):

Deficiencies noted in September 1982 inspections (Statement of Deficiencies and Plan of Correction September 15, 16 1982, Summary of Deficiencies Not Corrected September 15 & 28, 1982):

Deficiencies noted in May 1982 inspections (Statement of Deficiencies and Plan of Correction May 13 & 15, 1982):

Deficiencies noted in February 1982 inspections (Statement of Deficiencies and Plan of Correction February 6, 10, 11, 12, and February 9, 1982):

Deficiencies noted in January 1982 inspections (Statement of Deficiencies and Plan of Correction 1-15-82, 1-8-82):

Deficiencies noted in December 1981 inspection (Statement of Deficiencies and Plan of Correction 12-2-81):

December 1977 letter from Health Department to Licensing Legal Department states:

This office along with Facilities Planning and Construction Section have been trying, without much success since 1973, to properly process and license an addition to the above hospital. During this time the hospital has not proceeded to comply with current requirements for construction and operation in a lawful manner. Finally, after numerous attempts to work with the facility without proper compliance ... we ordered the hospital to discontinue the use of the three story separate building and return the original building to full operational status. ... Since this hospital has had a long history of non-compliance with applicable regulations, despite ongoing attempts by the Department to reverse and resolve the situation, we are asking your approval to request the Attorney General to draw an action to enjoin San Vicente Hospital from operating, as it does not meet the basic minimum requirements to exist as an acute hospital.... (Letter dated December 16, 1977)

1978 Medi-Cal review revealed (Surveillance and Utilization Review Final Report May 1978):

A 1982 article in the Torrence Daily Breeze reports on an investigation into allegations of the drowning of a fetus that had survived a late abortion. An OR technician reportedly said that the 6-7 month fetus began to move, surprising her, so she almost dropped him. Another employee grabbed him and put him in a jar of formaldehyde. The technician reportedly "could not believe the doctor would not attempt to resuscitate the fetus." An OR technician reportedly told investigators that at least four fetuses, "gasping for air and moving their bodies," were born alive in the fall of 1981. Administrator Doric Gemson-Ball denied the allegations, stating that San Vicente had stopped doing saline abortions the previous April, and that their D&E technique, in which fetuses are "taken out in pieces or their skulls are crushed," could not result in a live birth. (Torrence Daily Breeze 2-26-82)

San Vicente reported no live births at any gestational age, and no fetal deaths (death in utero of fetus over 20 weeks gestation) in 1980. (Annual Report of Hospitals)

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