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Question AbortionTM
Is this the face of the enemy?
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 Question AbortionTM
• Question AbortionTM
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Is this the face of the enemy?Look into the eyes of this baby and ask yourself, "Is this the face of the enemy?"

Feminists For Life of America is asking this question as part of their Question AbortionTM outreach campaign.

Abortion is, when you get right down to it, a Sophie's Choice kind of choice. For those of you not familiar with the story, Sophie arrives at the concentration camp with her two small children. Guards are sending some prisoners to the barracks, some to the ovens. One guard gives Sophie a choice: she can select which of her two children will go to the barracks, which to death.

In the fictitious context of a book or movie, its easy to see the sadism of the guard who forces such a choice on a woman. Only a monster would put a woman into a position of choosing death for her own child.

But we do this thousands of times a day in the United States alone, and women are told that they should be grateful. And, astonishingly enough, some women manage to muster gratitude through their tears of anguish.

Something is wrong with this.

Question abortion. It's an imperative, now more than ever.

Picture courtesy of Feminists For Life of America

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