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Theodore Lehrer: Champion of Choice
Arrested when wife alleged rape, forced abortion
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National Abortion Federation member Theodore Lehrer, owner of All Women's Clinic in Ft. Lauderdale, was arrested, and had his medical license suspended, in 1988 over his violent treatment of his wife.

Mrs. Lehrer was 37 years old and 11 weeks pregnant, according to what she told police, when Dr. Lehrer got angry because she had morning sickness and had declined his sexual advances.

According to Mrs. Lehrer, the good doctor forced her into the bathroom, held her down, handcuffed her, and did an abortion on her, without anesthesia. She said he told her to hold still or he'd inject her with something to calm her down.

She also reported that he raped her.

She was hospitalized to complete the botched forced abortion.

Lehrer is "John Roe 2" in Lime 5.

Sources: Miami Herald 5-4-88, Associated Press 4-29-88; Spokane Chronicle 4/29/88

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