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George Elliott Kabacy, Abortionist and Child Pornographer
Collection included bondage, bestiality, prepubescent children
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George Elliot Kabacy pleaded guilty in late 2007 to possessing more than 8,000 images of child pornograophy at his hom in Lacey, Washington. The FBI began investigating Kabacy in September of 2006 after another child pornography suspect, this one in Georgia, gave Kabacy's email address as the source of his material. The Georgia suspect permitted agents to assume his identity to pursue the investigation.

FBI Special Agent Ryan Bruett wrote in an affidavit, "Dr. Kabacy asked me what would happen to him. I responded that if we found any child pornography, he would be placed under arrest."

Kabacy was indicted on charges of possession and advertising child pornography in January of 2007. Prosecutors were pushing for a sentence of five to ten years in prison for the 68-year-old abortionist. Kabacy pleaded guilty to the possession charnge in exchange for dropping a charge of advertising it. In the plea agreement Kabacy admitted that he possessed more than 8,000 digital still images and additional video footage, which court documents say were stored on a laptop computer and 36 compact discs. "Defendant further admits that some of said images depicted sadomasochistic conduct, including bondage or bestiality involving minors. "Defendant further admits that some of said images depicted pre- pubescent minors and/or minors under the age of 12 years," according to court papers.

Kabacy's attorney, Neil Fox, issued a written statement that Kabacy regretted and apologized for his conduct, and elected not to contest the charges "because of his deep remorse and shame for the dishonor that he has brought upon himself and his family."

Kabacy worked at Lovejoy Surgi-Center in Washington and Planned Parenthood of the Columbia- Willamette in Oregon (both National Abortion Federation members), and, up until his arrest, at Sound Choice Health Center in Olympia, Washington.

Source: "Former Olympia gynecologist pleads guilty in child pornography case", Christian Hill, The Olympian, December 1, 2007

Kabacy was sued twice for patient deaths.

The family of Gwendolyn L. Ray-Yarbour sued when she died of anesthesia complications pending surgery by Kabacy at Lovejoy Surgi-Center. Gwen, age 30, was to undergo a tubal ligation on June 5, 1992. A nurse-anesthetist adminstered the medications. Gwen was transported by ambulance to the hospital, where she was believed to be already "brain-dead", but was monitored overnight. She died during the night. The suit alleged that Kabacy and Lovejoy committed multiple acts of negligence leading to Gwen's death. She was survived by four children, a 4-year-old girl, and boys ages 10, 11, and 12. (Multnomah County Circuit Court, Autopsy Report No. AG-92-00040, death certificate).

The family of Tamara L. Willis alleged that Kabacy failed to send tissue to a pathology lab on March 21, 1988, resulting in the failure to diagnose her malignant melanoma. Tamara was hospitalized September 8 through October 25 for chemotherapy, multiple bone marrow aspirations, and repeated x-rays and scans. She was hospitalized again on Christmas of that yar, and suffered blindness, headache, weaknes, vomiting, pain, and finally coma before finally dying on January 28, 1989. (Multnomah Circuit Court Case No. A8908-04425)

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