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Jesse Floyd: The malpractice cases
Injury and death
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This page is about malpractice cases filed against Dr. Floyd. For the rape charge, click here. For the murder charge and additional allegations, click here.

Shannon L. alleged that she underwent an abortion by Dr. Jesse J. Floyd at The Ladies Clinic on April 7, 1995. On April 11, Shannon "delivered her dead baby at home." She sought medical care. Her suit faulted Floyd with "maintaining a clinic in a filthy and unsanitary condition, including having [Shannon] wear robes and sit on linens which were covered with blood from other patients, in having her use a gas mask covered with lipstick from other patients, and in having her wait for an hour in a room with other patients without being washed or cleaned in any manner." The suit also alleged failure to inform Shannon of alternatives and risks, "negative side effects and psychological trauma and scars resulting from an abortion." (Richland County Court of Common Pleas Fifth Judicial Court Case No. 95-CP-)

Deborah N. alleged that she underwent an abortion by Dr. Floyd at The Ladies Clinic on February 4, 1994. She faulted Floyd with failure to perform a proper diagnosis. She was hospitalized February 13 with a ruptured ectopic pregnancy, and she required surgery and sufered copious blood loss. She was left unable to have children. She said she also suffered inability to sleep, "extreme physical nervousness," and was left with an "ugly jagged scar ... which embarrasses and humiliates her when she sees it or when she is undressed in her husband's presence." The defendants sought dismissal on the grounds that the consent form included an arbitration clause. (Charleston County Court of Common Pleas Case No. 94-CP-10-4158)

The parents of "Mary Roe," age 14, alleged that Floyd performed aon abortion on her on June 6, 1991, without Mary's informed consent and without the legally required parental consent, constituting battery and malpractice. Mary suffered injury, pain and suffering. Floyd claimed no responsibility, saying that Mary had said that she was over 18. (Richland County Court of Common Pleas Action No. 91-CP-40 / 92CP400552)

The survivors of Nancy Stewart alleged malpractice by Floyd in her death 18 hours after discharge from a hospital; the admitting diagnosis had been pelvic inflammatory disease. (South Carolina Supreme Court No. 21177 March 27, 1980)

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