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The Fetal Tissue Sales Stories

The revelation by Life Dynamics -- that abortion mills are using loopholes in the law to effectively sell aborted babies for research purposes -- is so shocking that people are having a tough time believing it. I want to address that disbelief by raising several points:

1. Is the source reliable? I worked for Life Dynamics for over two years. We don't always see eye to eye, but I can tell you this from experience: Life Dynamics does not go off half-cocked. I know what we heard and believed that never went beyond the walls of our building because we couldn't document it. They do not go public with something they can't substantiate. Period. Life Dynamics is a very, very, very reliable source.

2. Does this really defy belief? I abstracted thousands upon thousands of source documents when I worked for Life Dynamics: legal documents, coroner reports, health inspection reports, medical board disciplinary documents, police complaints, medical journal articles -- you name it. Let's look at each aspect of the allegations and see if any of them are out of keeping with what has already been amply documented:

  • Live births at abortion facilities. This one is almost a no-brainer. Back in 1981, abortionists were actually bothering to report roughly 300 such live births per year to the Centers for Disease Control. And that's just the cases they reported, not the ones they kept quiet about.
  • Abortion facilities killing babies born live during abortions. Again, no news here. My first thought upon hearing the interview with "Kelly" wasn't "I can't believe it!" but "Oh, so that's what they do with them now." Raymond Showery in Texas was actually convicted of murder in the slaying of a little girl born live during an abortion. William Waddill in California was prosecuted and sued after witnesses reported seeing him strangle a baby born live during a saline abortion. Recently, late-term abortionist Martin Haskell was accused of killing a baby born live during a partial-birth abortion. Refugees from the abortion industry commonly report having seen live infants either killed or left to die. Think of it -- the abortionist is being paid not just to remove the baby, but to ensure that it is dead when he removes it. If he says, "Sorry, this one came out alive; you have to take it to the NICU," he'll get sued. Is it that outrageous to believe they'd take the attitude "Better safe than sorry?" After all, nobody is going to do an autopsy on that baby to see if it was born live. It will go down the garbage disposal, into the incinerator, or off for medical experiments with the rest of the dead fetuses.
  • Abortion facilities doing later abortions than the law allows. Again, no news here. I've lost track of all the abortionists that get caught doing this. It's a simple matter of fudging the records. And since most records won't be audited unless somebody reports trouble, who is going to notice that most of the second trimester abortions are listed as "24 weeks?" National Abortion Federation member Abu Hayat went to jail in New York for ripping the arm off a 32-week baby during a technically illegal abortion he was doing in his clinic. Steve Brigham has been caught doing third-trimester abortions in his office. Suresh Gandotra sent one patient to the intensive care unit and another to the morgue doing third-trimester abortions in a freestanding facility only licensed to do abortions through the second trimester. Remember, folks, a lot of the people doing abortions now are the same ones that were doing them illegally before Roe. Why would they balk at breaking a law that they just see as a mere technicality anyway?
  • Abortion facilities using loopholes in the law to get away with things that are supposed to be illegal. Lord, I could write a book! Oh, that's right, I did -- at least part of one. I found stuff like this when researching Lime 5. Clinics evade informed consent laws that required that a doctor inform a woman of the risks of abortion by having the patient listen to a recording of a doctor reading a list of risks. That hardly constitutes a consultation with a physician! One abortionist didn't want to spend the extra money to have an anesthetist or nurse-anesthetist on staff, so he didn't administer general anesthesia. Instead, he ensured a quiet, cooperative patient by giving her an overdose of local anesthesia and thus knocking her unconscious. The unfortunate Stacy Ruckman didn't wake up from her drug-induced coma; she died. Abortionists have the standard temptation to see how much they can get away with to begin with. Add a strong profit motive and nothing they do would surprise me.
  • Abortion facilities using illegal means to dispose of fetuses. How about throwing them in the dumpster? Flushing them down the toilet? Running them through a meat grinder? Putting them down the garbage disposal? Tossing them into a field and setting fire to them? We're talking about the same industry that broke the law disposing of fetuses when there was no profit in selling them, because they were too cheap to pay to dispose of them in accordance with the law. Are we supposed to believe they'd balk at getting rid of all those fetuses in a way that actually generates revenues?
  • Abortionists lying. To the patients. To the authorities. To the public. Remember this is the industry willing to sell an abortion to the woman who just thinks she's pregnant, even if her test comes back negative and the ultrasound doesn't show anything in her uterus. This is the industry that assures women that their fully formed fetuses are just blobs of tissue. This is the industry that fakes documentation (one chart listed a dead patient as "pink, alert, responsive") to the point where women who sue to get their records still can't tell what was done to them, or by whom. The entire abortion advocacy movement is based on the old, tired lie about 5,000 to 10,000 women dying in the US every year from criminal abortions. Are they lying? Are their lips moving? That's your first clue. It's not that they never tell the truth; it's that you have to verify eveything they say with independent sources before you can even begin to believe it. And a lot of them pretend to be independent sources, so you have to be careful about that as well. The Centers for Disease Control abortion surveillance activities stand out as a case in point.
  • Spies feeding information to Life Dynamics. Where do you think Life Dynamics gets so much of their stuff from? Between pro life infiltrators and pro choice people disgusted with what they were seeing, we got stuff that would curl your hair. This is business as usual. Political movements always spy on each other. I'm sure that some pro abortion groups have people attending National Right to Life Conventions with the little fetus-feet pins on their lapels, trying to find out what those anti-choicers are hiding.

When you examine the individual components of the fetal parts sales story, you'll see that they're all old familiar themes, things we've seen documented time and time again. They've come together in a new and disgusting way, but anybody who has watched the abortion industry closely is not surprised. When I first saw Haskell's D&X presentation paper, my first thought was, "How handy they'll find this! Now they don't have to run them through the garbage disposal; they can gut them live for money." It was just a matter of time before somebody came forward and documented the whole sordid mess.

And think about it -- If late abortions are as rare as abortion advocates say they are, where are they getting the money to fight the PBA bans? Why didn't they fight other late abortion bans? And why are they sticking to their guns on this one when it generates so much ugly publicity? The old adage says to follow the money trail.

By the way, if you have not yet ordered your information on fetal tissue sales from Life Dynamics, you might want to do so quickly so that you can be on the cutting edge of the debate. Last time I checked, the premier issue of LifeTalk Video Magazine, which included the explosive interview with "Kelly," was free for the asking. Check at Life Dynamics, Inc.

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