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Background on Abortionist Leroy Carhart
Just who is the PBA ban injunction benefitting?
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Dateline: 11/9/03

Dr. Leroy H. Carhart is in the news again as he fights to continue killing fetuses late in pregnancy. What is Carhart's background?

Recently, prolifers videotaped a woman being removed from Carhart's clinic in an ambulance. They have no details on the woman, but assume that she must have suffered an abortion injury:

Numerous older news articles about Carhart cover allegations raised by his clinic administrator. The allegations included that Carhart:

The clinic administrator who first reported these allegations also alleged that Carhart left an abortion patient on the table to go outside and throw rocks at the procedure room window on October 23, 1990. This was when Carhart was doing abortions at Women's Medical Center of Nebraska.

Carhart has taken a leadership role in abortion. According to news sources, a semi-retired ophthalmologist and a pathologist have approached Carhart to learn abortion techniques. Carhart was hired to perform abortions at Planned Parenthood in Bloomington, IN. (Sources: Chronicle/Examiner 9-19-93; Detroit News 9-5-93; 846 - Omaha World-Herald 7-26-91, 8-11-92, 4-13-93, 5-17-93, 6-3-93; Herald-Times 7-9-92; Letter to health department 6-21-94, Douglas County District Court Doc. 899, Petition for Disciplinary Action)

Carhart has also been in trouble for non-abortion issues. News reports state that 4 of his 11 horses, and two dogs, were confiscated by the humane society due to neglect. An officer of the humane society said she had not obtained a warrant because the animals were in danger of death. She also said that the horses were in danger of starvation even though several large bales of inferior-quality hay were outside a fence, just beyond the reach of the horses. Some of the older horses had bite marks on their backs indicating that younger horses had driven them away from what food was available, and that the most skeletal of the horses, a 20 to 30-year-old female, had to be coaxed from a barn that was a foot deep in mud and excrement. The humane society spokesperson also said that Carhart "wasn't too happy" that she had taken the horses, and that he threatened to file charges against her. (Source: Bellevue Leader 7-25-92)

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For more information on the number of partial-birth abortions, see:

National Right to Life is the nation's largest pro-life organization, with affiliates in all 50 states and over 3,000 local chapters nationwide. National Right to Life works through legislation and education to protect those threatened by abortion, infanticide and euthanasia.

*Stanley Henshaw formerly worked at the CDC, doing pretty much what he's doing at AGI: manipulating abortion statistics for political purposes. I'd say we can at least be grateful he's no longer being paid by our tax dollars, but I'm sure a huge chunk of his paycheck still comes out of our pockets somehow. For an example of how Henshaw did his work at the CDC, see Hiding the Bodies from Abortion Deaths.

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