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Abortionist Aleksander Jakubowski
Trouble in three states, not all abortion-related
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Dr. Aleksander Jakubowski once owned and operated the Bread and Roses abortion facility in Wisconsin. He also performed abortions in Illinois and Indiana.

As owner/director of Bread and Roses, Jakubowski was named in suit by Deborah T. alleging the birth of child after her 1989 abortion by Mario Zapata.

A suit by Kevine M. alleged that she underwent an abortion of her 16-18 week pregnancy by Jakubowski at Bread and Roses on April 18, 1988. She faulted Jakubowski with failure to complete the abortion or to inform her that he'd failed. Kevine was left in recovery for twenty minutes before a post-op examination revealed extensive bleeding which Jakubowski could not stop. Kevine required ambulance transport to a hospital. There, her operative report noted a uterine perforation, a 500-600 cc broad ligament hematoma, a 300 cc retroperitoneal hematoma, a 1000 cc hemoperitoneum, and a larger uterine perforation that was irreparable. Kevine had to have a hysterectomy. She also faulted Jakubowski with failure to disclose the risks of the procedure. (Milwaukee Sentinel 9-24-91; Milwaukee County Circuit Court Case No. 91CV002727)

A suit by Julie L. alleged that she submitted to an abortion of her 17-week pregnancy by Jakubowski at Bread and Roses on January 25, 1986. Though Julie in severe pain, she was told to lie still. But her pain intensified, her bleeding was profuse, so the procedure was halted, and Julie transferred to a hospital by ambulance. Surgery there uncovered a 4-5 cm cervical laceration involving the right broad ligament. Julie required a total abdominal hysterectomy. She remained hospitalized until January 30. Her suit also pointed out that Jakubowski performed her abortion in his clinic, in violation of Wisconsin law requiring non-emergency abortions past 12 weeks performed in a hospital. (Wisconsin Supreme Court Medical Mediation Case No. M1-0408)

A suit by Mary U., age 25, alleged that she was admitted to a hospital by Jakubowski for a cone biopsy on January 9, 1984. Mary had told Jakubowski that she thought she was pregnant, but he failed to check to see if she was pregnant before proceeding with the procedure. Mary was re-admitted January 14 with vaginal bleeding. She suffered spontaneous abortion of a female fetus, and a tear of her cervix requiring repair under general anesthesia. (Kane County Circuit Court Case No. LKA85 690)

A suit by Stephanie M. alleged that she underwent an abortion by Jakubowski at Planned Parenthood Association of Northwest Indiana on November 7, 1984. She said the risks were not discussed with her prior to the abortion, and that Jakubowski himself did not speak with Stephanie at all before beginning the abortion procedure except to introduce himself and tell her to scoot further down on the table. When Stephanie asked the nurse why dilators weren't being used, she was told it was unnecessary because of previous childbirth. "I heard a machine go on when you start it ... then the next thing he said was it was all my fault," Stephanie said. "He ran out of the room, and I never saw him again." Many people entered the room, and Stephanie's fiancee was brought in at her request. Staff made an unsuccessful attempt to start an IV, "and one nurse put a cold rag on my head." Stephanie was transported by ambulance to a hospital, where she also suffered difficulty breathing; corrective surgery. She was hospitalized 6 days. She settled with Jakubowski and Planned Parenthood out-of-court. (Lake County Circuit Court Cause No. C85-1248)

A suit by Melissa C. alleged that Jakubowski provided improper follow-up to the injury she'd suffered in a 1983 abortion by Clarence Boone at Planned Parenthood Association of Northwest Indiana.

An obstetrical suit by Janet G. alleged that Jakubowski improperly performed a 1984 episiotomy, "severing excessive lengths and depths of soft tissue." She also faulted him with failure to suture her properly. (Kane County Circuit Court Case No. LKA860897)

A 1991 suit by Lori M. alleged an unspecified injury in treatment by Jakubowski at Bread and Roses. (Milwaukee County Circuit Court Case No. 91CV009148)

A gynecological suit by Mary W. alleged failure to diagnose cervical cancer in a December 1986 fitting for a birth control device, resulting in hysterectomy. (Milwaukee County Circuit Court Case No. 91CV013545)

An obstetrical suit on behalf of Joseph R. alleged failure to monitor labor appropriately, and failure to perform a timely C-section, resulting in Joseph being born with brain damage on August 9, 1983. (Kane County Circuit Court Case No. LKA85446)

Former employee Lorilee A. Olmsted filed a sexual discrimination suit alleging that she was hired as part-time nurse in September 1988. A sexual relationship with Jakubowski began in December of 1988. She was promoted to a full-time position with a raise in pay rate in February of 1989. She discontinued the sexual relationship in March of 1989 "because he was married and because he had a drinking problem." In May or June of 1989, Lorilee said, she was informed by an intermediary that Jakubowski "had personal problems with her." In December of 1989 the intermediary informed Lorilee that she was to return to her former status as a part-time nurse due to Jakubowski having personal problems with her. Lorilee's employment was terminated later that month, with no reason given. The EEOC did find probable cause to believe that Lorilee had been the victim of sex discrimination. (EEOC Case No. 21236)

Jakubowski's Wisconsin driver's license was suspended October 15, 1990 for operating under the influence. The suspension was reduced to 119 days due to 154 days previously served. Jakubowski was given a special restriction on March 22, 1991: "permitted to operate a 1984 Mercedes within the states of WI and IL in pursuit of his occupation...restrictions are too long to enter on computer." His driver's record also shows one violation each for speeding 11-15 MPH above limit and 16-25 MPH above limit. (Driving Record Abstract 1-8-92, General Information Services report 10-16-91)

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