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Fetus Woes? Call Roto Rooter!

Dateline 10/2/00

Operation Rescue West's Troy Newman reports an unusual incident that took place recently outside an abortion clinic they regularly picket.

A plumber strode past the protestors with his tools and entered the facility. Later, during closing prayers, the prolifers noticed the white-faced plumber leaving the building. He told the prolifers that he'd been called to fix a stopped-up industrial-strength garbage disposal.

As he disassembled the pipes he discovered that the drain was clogged with human flish -- bone, sinew, and tiny, discernable hands and feet. He was so shocked and repulsed that he nearly called the police, but was scolded and directed back to his work by staff.

Prolifers believe the story; abortion advocates claim that it's fantasy -- that such things simply never happen. Do they?

If this plumber found what Newman says he found, he wouldn't be the first plumber to have found a gruesome surprise associated with abortion practice. A famous pre-legalization case involved a Roto-Rooter man called to unstop the plumbing at Dr. Harvey Lothringer's home and practice in New York. The man from Roto Rooter found the ground-up remains of Barbara Lofrumento and her fetus.

But, of course, that was in the bad old days before legalization made abortion safe and tidy, right?

Well, Roe might have changed how doctors disposed of dead patients' bodies, but it didn't eliminate the need for garbage disposals in abortion practice:

What Op-R says the plumber saw certainly doesn't deviate from what has already been documented in other facilities across the country.

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