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Do Gruesome Fetus Pictures Work?

Dateline 9/29/00

Operation Rescue draws flac for their use of gruesome aborted baby pictures. What do those pictures accomplish besides grossing people out? Today I'll look at some reports posted by Operation Rescue West about the impact of the large gruesome aborted-baby posters that they use.

They save lives:

They encourage thought, debate, and discussion:

They provide a reality check:

They break down the walls that stand in the way of healing:

Even within the prolife movement, there is a lot of disagreement about the proper use of the gruesome fetus pictures. Evidence is that they can be effective -- as these examples show -- at sparking debate, breaking past denial, and even preventing abortions. But where and when are they the most effective method?

Karen Black, a post-abortion counselor who came into the rescue movement, says that experience shows that the gruesome photos are most effective in the following settings:

Black recommends, though, that such pictures not be used in conjunction with attempts to reach women as they approach abortion facilities. The signs might be effective at intersections near the facility, where women must drive past to get to the facility. However, at the facility itself they tend to set up a barrier to communication.

Gruesome fetus pictures can be effective, but must be used with care.

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