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More Invisible Prochoice Violence

Dateline 9/11/00

In a previous Feature, I cited cases of violence by prochoicers against prolifers that got little media attention -- certainly not the kind of massive and unrelenting attention these acts would have gotten had the tables been turned.

Today I'd like to look at another invisible type of prochoice violence: that perpetrated by abortionists against people who aren't necessarily prolifers. In fact, the people most vulnerable to prochoice violence are probably the people who are most likely to trust other prochoicers: abortion patients and the spouses of abortionists.

Theodore Lehrer
National Abortion Federation member Theodore Lehrer, owner of All Women's Clinic in Ft. Lauderdale, got in trouble with the law over his violent treatment of his wife. Mrs. Lehrer was 37 years old and 11 weeks pregnant, according to what she told police, when Dr. Lehrer got angry because she had morning sickness and had declined his sexual advances. According to Mrs. Lehrer, the good doctor forced her into the bathroom, held her down, and did an abortion on her. She also reported that he raped her. She was hospitalized to complete the botched forced abortion.
Sources: Miami Herald 5-4-88, AP 4-29-88

National Abortion Federation
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Unwanted Abortions
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Joel Match
Abortionist Joel Match
Learn about what Match did to one of his patients.
Abortionist Joel Match faced some ugly allegations from his wife, too. In his divorce proceedings, Match "was found by this Court to have deserted/abandoned his wife and subjected her to physical cruelty [choking her, body-slamming her, kicking her, throwing her down the stairs, beating her face, pulling her hair and screaming at her]." (brackets in original). The court documents also indicated that Match had "undergone
psychiatric/psychological treatment and counselling with respect to his violence and cruelty to a woman (his wife)," and "repeatedly referred to women as 'c--ts.'" "A close relative of Dr. Match has suggested that Dr. Match 'hates women,'" and "Dr. Match's personal and occupational attitudes and behavior toward women evidences a psychological need and desire to control and use vulnerable women or women in vulnerable positions for his own purposes, resulting in an indifference to, and reckless disrgard of, the welfare of female patients." This background on Match was discovered during research by the attorney of a patient I'll call "Ginger," who nearly died after Match perforated her uterus during an abortion.
Sources: Fairfax County Circuit Court No. 133092, Match's deposition in DC Superior Court Action No. 91-CA-13039, notes and analysis of testimony in Match v. Match, August 13, 1992

Ronald Tauber
Abortionist Ronald Tauber has his Michagan licence considered for revocation after his 1982 conviction of first degree criminal sexual assault and second degree criminal sexual misconduct. The incident Tauber was conviced of happened July 14, 1980, when he kidnapped a girl under the age of 13 in his car, "and did engage in sexual penetration with said victim." Tauber filed a motion of insantiy on March 15 of 1982, and was ordered to undergo a examination to support his insantity claim. He was arrested again on April 22, 1982, on charges of "indecent exposure,

assault with intent to commit kidmapping, and assault with intent to commit sexual penetration of a female minor in Birmingham, Michigan." At one point, Tauber "admitted that on December 7, 1981, he ingaged in masturbation in his car while children were exiting Cody High School." The medical board dropped the revocation proceedings because Tauber was expected to be incarcerated until after his license would have expired anyway.
Source: Michigan Board of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery Department of Licensing and Regulation Complaint

Do you think that these crimes would be so obscure if they'd been committed by doctors working at prolife pregnancy centers? Tell us in the Forum.

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