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Abortionist Ronachai Banchongmanie
How much we can trust the powers that be to oversee abortionists
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Dateline: 8/13/01

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So a December 1985 hearing recommended another review to see if sufficient progress had been made in correcting deficiencies to warrant re-issue of license. In the mean time, Relsco continued to operate.

The state of Kentucky finally filed for an injunction to halt operations of Relsco in 1987 due to operating in violations of statutes and regulations. (Jefferson Circuit Court Case No. 87CI-08790)

So at last, Relsco was supposedly closed by health inspectors after finding health violations including dirty suction containers in both operating rooms. But closed isn't closed for an abortion facility. A judge declared the facility free from state oversight because of its status as the private office of Ronachai Banchongmanie. It looked as if the state's hands were tied. But the decision to declare Banchongmanie's facility free from oversight was reversed upon another inspection and the discovery that Relsco was using general anesthesia. (Jefferson Circuit Court Action No. 87-CI-0640-MR)

But after all this, Banchongmanie and his Relsco continued to operate.

A suit filed by "Tamika" alleged seeking treatment from Banchongmanie January 14, 1988, at Women's Health Services, for lower abdominal pain; malpractice resulting in "severe physical and mental pain and suffering, lost time from her regular employment and incurred substantial additional medical expenses." (Jefferson County District Court Case No. 90C04922)

Suit by "Bianca," on her own behalf and on behalf of "Kurtis" and "Darrin," alleged: abortion by Banchongmanie at Women's Health Services November 30, 1988; patient 22 - 26 weeks pregnant; lack of informed consent ("Had the Defendant Ronachai Banchongmanie or the Defendant Relsco, Inc. or their agents ... provided the Plaintiff with the information necessary to give informed consent, the Plaintiff would never have given her consent to the abortion of her twin children."); failure to inform of twin pregnancy; sent patient home for more money during showing of informed consent video; "the unborn children of [Bianca]...were viable;" "Defendant...intentionally lacerated, crushed, dismembered, killed and aborted the twin children of [Bianca];" December 3, plaintiff passed severed head of fetus; patient contacted Banchongmanie's office, calls were not returned; patient sought hospital care, passed additional tissues; malpractice, mental distress requiring psychiatric care, , physical injury. (Jefferson Circuit Court Case No. 89CI-06286)

A suit filed by "Randi" alleged: treatment by Banchongmanie at Women's Health Services July 8, 1989; "serious and painful injuries to her body ... and serious and permanent pain and anguish, both mentally and physically." (Jefferson County Circuit Court Case No. 90CI05439)

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