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A Late Abortion Fiasco

"Margot" wasn't sure she wanted the abortion. The counselor she spoke to at Women's Health Services noted that she had "strong feelings against having the procedure." Nevertheless, Margot "reluctantly signed the consent form" for a first-trimester abortion, to be performed by Dr. Thomas E. Allen.

When the pelvic exam was performed, the pregnancy was estimated at 13-14 weeks, which would put Margot in the second trimester. No additional counseling was done to address the additional dangers of a second trimester abortion. The facility proceeded as if Margot was in her first trimester.

During the abortion, Margot screamed in pain and begged staff to stop. They proceeded with the surgery and discovered that the pregnancy had actually been 20 weeks, late in the second trimester.

Allen continued to do the abortion without aid of ultrasound, but perforated Margot's uterus and was unable to complete the procedure. Finally he sent Margot for a sonogram. While Margot was waiting for the sonogram, she bled so heavily her blood was pooling on the floor.

Margot finally insisted that she be sent to the hospital, three hours after the abortion was begun. There she was discovered to have damage to multiple internal organs, a fungal infection, and a hematoma. She was near death and needed a complete hysterectomy.

Margot's attorney stated on her behalf that the "defendants knew or should have known that the information that had informed [Margot's] decision was false."
Source: Pittsburgh District Court Case No. 93-1320

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