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A Mother's Nightmare
One woman's helpless, futile attempts to protect her daughter from an abortionist
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Dateline: 7/25/01

"Mistie Guthrie" was fifteen years old when her mother overheard her discussing an impending abortion at Indianapolis Women's Center on March 19, 1987.

Mrs. Guthrie called the clinic on March 23, telling employees in two separate phone calls that she opposed the planned abortion for Mistie and would not give her consent.

Desperate for help, Mrs. Guthrie called her family's physician. He was able to get another phone number for the abortionist -- Dr. James R. Brillhart.

On March 30, Mrs. Guthrie called this phone number and reached another clinic where Brillhart did abortions. Mrs. Guthrie told the employee that neither she nor Mistie's father would consent to an abortion for their daughter.

Despite her mother's efforts to intervene on her behalf, Mistie was aborted by Brillhart at Indianapolis Women's Center, in violation of parental consent laws. Mrs. Guthrie believes that Mistie's sister signed the consent form.

On May 11, Mrs. Guthrie found an abortion-related suicide note from Mistie. She hospitalized her daughter at Community North Adolescent Psychiatric Unit for depression and guilt. As of June 22, 1987, the date Mrs. Guthrie filed suit against Brillhart and his clinic, Mistie was still hospitalized.

Mrs. Guthrie got a final kick in the teeth from society when her lawsuit was dismissed.

So if you think that parental involvement laws are enough to protect your frightened underage daughter from being sold an abortion, remember Mrs. Guthrie.

Sources: Marion County Superior Court Case No S387 0811

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