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Carhart Ruling Kills Efforts in 30 States

Dateline 7/21/00

The wording of the majority opinion in Stenberg v Carhart, the recent ruling in which the Supreme Court gave brain-sucking abortions official blessing, has thoroughly squashed any efforts to protect unborn and mostly-born children. I looked briefly at the fallout from Carhart in a recent news piece:

Although abortion supporters are claiming that there's really nothing new in the Carhart ruling, the majority opinion draws a protective ring around abortionists, leaving them free to use untested and potentially dangerous methods by claiming that these techniques might be less risky for the woman than conventional abortion methods.

Thirty-one states had partial-birth abortion bans either on the books or making their way through the legislature. Now, only Virginia stands, striving to come up with a law that will satisfy the Court's persnickety standards for abortion law.

Abortion advocates, of course, are tempering their jubilation. After all, despite the enormous amount of leeway they were given, it was given to them by a narrow margin. Considering the age of some of their friends on the Court, a single ill-timed dose of Viagra could tip the balance of power. And the majority of Americans -- even pro choice Americans -- are queasy at the thought of stabbing nearly-born babies in the head. So there is no ground swell of support for the abortion industry agenda.

Prolife activists are falling back and regrouping. Some hold out hope that George W. Bush will win the Presidency, and will then appoint Justices who will actually uphold the Constitution.

Others, such as Louisiana life advocates, hold that the way to go is to empower abortion injured women. By holding abortionists financially accountable for the long-term ill-effects of abortion, these activists hope that abortionists will develop the motivation to actually take patient well-being into account instead of just zipping mindlessly through assembly-line abortions.

One thing, however, is clear. As Mark Crutcher said, you can't get abortionists to change their behavior by showing them pictures of dead babies. You have to show them pictures of dead Presidents (on currency). Prolifers have to find ways to make it financially attractive for abortionists to abandon their nefarious practices and take up productive ways of earning a living. Finding ways to do this will take rethinking stragegy.

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