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See for yourself: That seedy Kansas abortion facility....
What Central Women's Services looked like when Operation Rescue moved in
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For those of you who've not been following the story, Operation Rescue bought the building that housed Central Women's Services in Wichita, Kansas, and evicted the business. OR plans to use the building as a combination memorial site/office.

Before doing anything with the building, OR decided to invite the public and the press to see what they found when they entered the vacated abortion clinic. Here, courtesy of Operation Rescue, are some interesting photos of what reporters saw during the open house today:

It must have been a fun place to work:

Therapy helps, but screaming obscenities is cheaper

The procedure room:

Procedure room

It's nice to know they're prepared for an emergency:

Emergency supplies

The ceiling outside the procedure rooms:


The floor:

Dirty floor

A heating vent:

Dusty heating vent

A countertop:


The patient lavatory:

Patient lavatory

Well, at least they have a designated place:

Urine deposit box

A dead roach:

Dead cockroach

Evidently roaches were not the only pests:

Rodent trap

The procedure room checklist:

Procedure room checklist

Note that the mask is only to be wiped down, not replaced. YUCK!

Wipe mask with alcohol

Is that the autoclave in the corner there?

Autoclave corner

If this is where they sterilized the instruments, how clean were they, really?


The recovery room:

Recovery room

Patient files left behind:

Abandoned patient files

The area for processing tissue:

Tissue processing sink

Why does a sink where nobody should be doing anything but washing their hands have an industrial-grade garbage disposal?

Industrial grade garbage disposal

And last but certainly not least:

NAF decal

I'm curious. Are the roaches and the re-used disposable masks meeting the NAF Clinical Guidelines, or was NAF not enforcing the guidelines?

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