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Abortion Nightmares: Expelled Fetal Parts
So much for telling them it's just a blob of tissue.
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Dateline 7/10/00

One of the most nightmarish abortion complications is an incomplete abortion. Finding out that pieces of the dead fetus are rotting in your body can be psychologically traumatizing as well as life-threatening. And women who expel and see the macerated remains of their fetuses are often overcome with horror.

Opponents of informed consent claim that it causes needless trauma to women if they are given information about the fetus before their abortions. Life advocates argue that women need the information before the abortion -- before they go through experiences like the women whose stories I'm about to tell.

To give a better idea of the trauma these women endured, you might want to look at "Baby Malachi," who was pulled out of the freezer of the abortion facility in Dallas where Norma "Jane Roe" McCorvey worked. Although Baby Malachi was 21 weeks, I chose him because his injuries are most like those suffered by the fetuses these women expelled. For a better idea of what fetuses of these ages look like, visit this fetal development site. After each woman's story I also include a link to a description of normal fetal development so that you can imagine the size and maturity of the fetus.

"Joann" wasn't given a follow-up exam after her abortion on November 20, 1973. Two days later, Joann was in such pain, and bleeding so profusely, that her mother-in-law rushed her to the emergency room. Thre, Joann expelled a 19-week female fetus missing both arms and one leg. The rib cage was exposed, with lung tissue protuding. Joann was hospitalized and suffered a depressive reaction. Description of a normal 19-week fetus.
Lincoln County, NC, Superior Court Case No. 74CVS247

"Patricia" underwent an abortion at the notorious Dadeland clinic in Miami on March 2, 1985. After she went home, she began to bleed and passed the upper portion of a fetus. "I freaked out," Patricia told the Miami Herald, "I didn't know what to do. I could see the eyes, and the arms and legs." She put the macerated fetus in a plastic bag and took it back to Dadeland, where the clinic director told her it was "a blood clot." Patricia took the fetus to a hospital where they confirmed that it was the remains of a 16-week fetus. Patricia was fortunate; another Dadeland patient, Ellen Williams, suffered fatal injuries the same day Patricia had her abortion. Normal development of a 16-week fetus.
Miami Herald, 3/20/85 & 9/17/89

"Teresa" had her abortion on September 1, 1989, at a National Abortion Federation member clinic. During the abortion, she was told that she was more than the 10 or 12 weeks pregnant that she had originally been diagnosed to be. Staff performed an ultrasound and declared the fetus to be 14 weeks. The abortionist demanded an additional $225, which Teresa didn't have. The abortionist sent her home, bleeding. Later that day Teresa was admitted to a hospital, where labor was induced. She expelled a fetus missing its leg and intestines. Description of normal fetus at 14 weeks.
Montgomery County, OH, Court of Common Pleas Case No. 89-4426; Dayton Daily News 8/18/90

"Linda" suffered discomfort the evening after the abortion of her three-and-a-half month pregnancy. She found the upper part of the fetus in her undergarments. Linda said, "I saw a baby that was fully formed. Linda suffered recurring nightmares after this experience. Description of normal fetus at 14 weeks.
Caddo Parish, LA, District Court Case No. 329,969; Shreveport Times 2/27/91

"Melinda" was not notified that the pathology report came back from her abortion showing no fetal remains. Before her scheduled follow-up appointment, she reported to an emergency room due to severe cramping pain. While in the hospital bathroom, she expelled a four-and-a-half inch fetus into the toilet. Melinda screamed until she was taken to an exam room to have the placenta removed. Melinda needed psychiatric care for depression, nightmares, and inability to sleep. Description of normal fetus at 14 weeks.
New York County (NY) Supreme Court Docket No. 14033/84

The time to learn about exactly what the abortion will destroy is before the abortion -- when the woman can still change her mind. It does her no good to learn about fetal development by seeing her own mangled and dead fetus floating in the toilet bowl.

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