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What's the Need for Abortion?
Is the thought, "I can't cope with this," a need for an abortion?
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Among the prochoice it's a given: there is a real "need" for abortion, as measured by the reality of women seeking abortions.

But is the request for abortion proof that abortion is necessary, or does it demonstrate some other principle?

It's long been documented that ambivalence is normal in early pregnancy:

To summarize: It's normal during the first trimester to be ambivalent, or even to reject the pregnancy. The fact that the woman rejects the pregnancy during the first trimester does not mean that she will continue to reject the pregnancy, or that she will reject the baby once it is born. It simply means that she is normal.

To "treat" this ambivalence with abortion is as irresponsible as to "treat" the bleeding of menstruation with a hysterectomy. Normal, self-limiting phenomena do not need to be "treated." The conscientious doctor will instead provide support to help the patient understand and deal with her symptoms.

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