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Abortionist C.J. LaBenz
Botched abortions in Ohio
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Dr. C.J. LaBenz was the medical partner of G. William Orr, who was subjected to criminal investigation unrelated to the following cases.


LaBenz was charged with unlawful abortion and criminal neglegence in 1979.

Allegations are that he estimated gestational age at 19 to 20 weeks prior to initiating an abortion on September 6, 1979. The woman expelled an infant boy who weighed approximately 2.5 pounds, indicating a gestational age closer to 27 weeks.

A nurse involved with the abortion testified that the infant was placed on a sink drain board in what she described as a "dirty utility room." The baby moved his arms and legs, and cried intermittently. The nurse said that the baby's breathing appeared to be normal.

LaBenz reportedly took no action to kill the baby, but he also took no action to allow the child's life to be saved. The neglected infant died after 2 1/5 hours. (Sources: Omaha World-Herald 10-9-79, 10-12-79, 10-13-79, 10-19-79, 11-12-79, 11-25-79, 10-10-80, Associated Press 10-10-79, 11-15-79, 12-14-79, 12-15-79, 12-28-79, Lincoln Star 10-12-79, 10-31-79; Omaha becomes first abortion free city in U.S.)

According to coverage by the Omaha World Herald, February 8, 1980, and Associated Press coverage, February 7 and 15, 1980, Planned Parenthood Federation of America provided "financial and moral support" for LaBenz during his trial for allowing the baby to die.


LaBenz had also been charged with three crimes against a prolifer who was picketing outside his clinic, on some grass beside the street, on June 7, 2002. The charges were reckless driving, theft, and disorderly conduct.

LaBenz drove his car onto the grass, hitting protestor Sharon McKee. LaBenz yelled for an ambulance, then noted that an elderly man, 73-year-old John Kelly, among the prolifers had a video camera. LaBenz tried to seize the camera, but an off-duty policewoman working as a security guard returned the camera to the man.

LaBenz then tried to make off with Sharon McKee's sign, but again the policewoman intervened.

LaBenz then seized McKee's clipboard and telephone. The police were summoned. They retrieved the clipboard and the phone from inside the clinic, but the phone had been smashed, and $350 in cash was missing from its hiding place inside the clipboard. (Source: Abortionist Charged with Crimes Against Pro-Lifer; Abortionist C.J. LaBenz Arrested)


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