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Pro Child/Pro Choice Rings Hollow

Abortion advocates argue that abortion is good for children, either because it spares them the misery of being "unwanted" or it spares them the misery of life with a disability. But what can they say in the face of the abortion survivors? What, indeed, can they say to argue that abortion is pro-child when it injures a child and leaves him or her with a lifelong disability?

The most high-profile abortion survivor is Gianna Jessen, who has cerebral palsy as a result of a saline abortion that failed to kill her:

Gianna was adopted by the daughter of her foster-mother. She has recently discovered the identity of the woman who aborted her, but they have not yet been in contact with one another.

A case that gained publicity more recently is that of Ximena Renaerts, who is paralyzed and developmentally delayed due to a botched abortion attempt. Ximena's mother underwent what she believed was a routine abortion in Washington state. She later went to a Vancouver hospital for aftercare due to severe pain. While at the hospital, she expelled Ximena into a toilet. Hospital staff put the baby in a bucket and left her unattended in a closet used to store dead fetuses, causing a delay in treating Ximena for the abortion-precipitated prematurity.

A particularly horrifying example of a child injured by an abortion attempt is Ana Rosa Rodriguez:

Ana Rosa's mother, Rosa Rodrigez, went to National Abortion Federation member Abu Hayat for an abortion. Hayat initiated the abortion, then sent Rosa home with instructions to return the next day, and to contact nobody but him if she experienced problems. Rosa experienced severe pain but was unable to reach Hayat. Finally, her mother took her to a hospital, where she gave birth to Ana Rosa, who was missing her right arm at the shoulder due to traumatic amputation. Hayat had ripped the arm off attempting the abortion.

Of course, the advent of Partial Birth Abortion will reduce the number of children born maimed due to abortion attempts. But it achieves this goal by stopping in the middle of the delivery to stab the baby in the head. From a practical standpoint, this is an improvement for abortionists (who will not face lawsuits for maimed children). But is it really an improvement for the children targeted? And is it a sign that society has become more merciful, that we make sure the child is dead and not just injured?

The biggest advantage is practical -- we get whole fetuses to dissect for their organs and tissues, instead of crippled children who need our care.

As Ogden Nash said, "There has been a lot of progress during my lifetime. Unfortunately it has been in the wrong direction."

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