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Inglewood Abortionist P. Scott Ricke
The doctor/patient relationship run amok
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Assorted other allegations

Melody B., one of Ricke's obstetric patients, alleged failure to diagnose her pregnancy as high-risk, failure to properly test and monitor mother and fetus, and failure to diagnose and respond to fetal distress. These shortcomings, Melody said, resulted in brain damage and other injuries to infant Jeffrey, born April 6, 1986 under Ricke's care. (Pima County, AZ Case No. 280629)

A 1988 article in the Arizona Daily Star indicates that in 1988, two analysts recommended that Ricke undergo extensive therapy because of drug and alcohol problems.

Ricke reportedly had an unlicensed person, introduced to patients as Dr. Lopez, examining patients in his office. Ricke also had inadequate records. Ricke's attorney countered that Lopez, a Mexican medical school graduate, was hired as a nurse.

Ricke was investigated by police when fetal remains were found in the trash receptacle of an apartment complex; such disposal violated state health department regulations and state law.

A search at the Web site of the Arizona medical board found the following list of disciplinary actions against Ricke:

A search of the California medical board site found the following entries on Ricke:

(Sources: Phoenix Gazette 8-13-87, 8-14-87, 8-15-87, 9-12-87 et. al., Arizona Republic, Tucson Citizen 8-13-87; 3158 - Arizona Daily Star 6-21-87 et. al.)

P. Scott Ricke is John Roe 16 in Lime 5.

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