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Inglewood Abortionist P. Scott Ricke
The doctor/patient relationship run amok
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In a series starting with last Wednesday's Feature, we began our look at Inglewood Women's Hospital Clinic Center What-have-you. Subsequent articles looked more closely at Inglewood. One of the most colorful of Inglewood's abortionist was P. Scott Ricke. Note: The Inglewood entity is Acme Reproductive Services 36 in Lime 5.

Ricke managed to get himself into virtually all the kinds of trouble abortionists get themselves into -- facing allegations of abortion malpractice, sexual misconduct, substance abuse, sloppy record-keeping, letting unlicensed staff practice medicine, improper disposal of fetuses, and even obstetric malpractice.

Sexual misconduct

Ricke was censured by the medical board of Arizona in November of 1986 for performing an after-hours abortion on a woman while alone with her, and for reportedly having sex with her first. Despite this censure, and the sexual relationship with patient K.L. which Ricke's attorney confirmed, Ricke went on record as saying, "I believe that if a woman decides to have a termination, it should be done safely, legally and with some dignity."

The very next year saw Ricke in trouble over a relationship with a 25-year-old patient identified as "K.L." In 1987, Ricke had sexual intercourse with K.L. in her home four days after he performed her May 2, 1987 abortion and had given her written instructions to abstain from intercourse for a week. He then offered to do a free pap smear during her upcoming follow-up appointment. Ricke reportedly indicated he felt the doctor-patient relationship ended when they had sex, but that's not consistent with the offer of a free pap smear. K. reportedly said "I felt trusting of him because he was a doctor." Ricke's attorney reportedly contended that Ricke did not have sex with K. during the course of treatment and therefore was guilty of poor judgment but not of causing any harm. The attorney is also said to have indicated that Ricke had sex with K. only because of her responses to his questioning about her enjoyment of sex and her receptiveness to his visiting her later at her home. This incident might relate to the action taken by the Medical Board in 1987.

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(Sources: Phoenix Gazette 8-13-87, 8-14-87, 8-15-87, 9-12-87 et. al., Arizona Republic, Tucson Citizen 8-13-87; 3158 - Arizona Daily Star 6-21-87 et. al.)

P. Scott Ricke is John Roe 16 in Lime 5.

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