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Inglewood Abortionist Morton Barke
Barke was accused of overcharging the state for abortions.
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In a series starting with last Wednesday's Feature, we began our look at Inglewood Women's Hospital Clinic Center What-have-you. Subsequent articles looked more closely at Inglewood. Now, let's look at what one Inglewood abortionist, Morton Barke, was like when he wasn't at Inglewood. Note: The Inglewood entity is Acme Reproductive Services 36 in Lime 5.

Barke was involved in the Inglewood deaths of Yvonne Tanner, Elizabeth Tsuji, Kathy Murphy, and Lynette Wallace.

Granted, he may have been sued over some of these deaths only due to his marginal participation -- say, he had examined the patient, or he signed off on a document in her chart. However, he is named in four of the six deaths verified at Inglewood, which indicates that he might have had a supervisory role that gave him greater responsibility for the care provided at Inglewood and therefore made him a logical defendant in a suit against the facility. He is positively identified as the abortionist only in the suit filed by the survivors of Lynette Wallace in 1975.

Barke also worked at the ill-reputed San Vicente (abortion) Hospital. San Vicente was a troubled facility even before it was bought out by Edward Allred and spliced into his Family Planning Associates Medical Group. Sarah Lint had died from an abortion at San Vicente in 1970, Natalie Meyers in 1972. Mary Pena died there in 1984, shortly after FPA took over operations.

Barke was apparently sued in relation to an abortion performed on Latonya D. Laminaria were inserted on January 20, 1989, and a D&E abortion performed by a doctor identified as "M. W. Barke," and/or by R. Marmet, on January 21. On January 22 Latonya began experiencing "abdominal pain, vomiting, dark urine, weakness, yellowness to her eyes, and fatigue." She was taken to an emergency hospital January 29, and diagnosed Hepatitis B. None of Latonya's other life factors indicate exposure to Hepatitis B, therefore the Hepatitis was attributed to unsanitary equipment at San Vicente. Latonya also sued for lack of informed consent. (LA County Superior Court Case No. C 749 762)

Barke also worked at Bel Air Memorial Hospital, best known to prolifers as the facility where abortion patients Twila Coulter and Katherine Morse met their deaths.

Barke was sued by Ellen M. after an unsuccessful abortion performed on her in 1972 by Barke and/or Dennis Perlow at Bel Air. (LA County Superior Court Case No. WEC31779)

Aside from his malpractice-related problems, Barke was also indicted in 1972 of "conspiracy to cheat and defraud by committing the crimes of grand theft and of filing false claims." Examples from court documents include:

Barke pled nolo contendere to a misdemeanor of receiving stolen property in a plea bargain, was given 2 years probation without formal supervision and $1000 fine. (LA County Superior Court Case No. A 308288)

Morton Barke is John Roe 102 in Lime 5.


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