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Inglewood Abortionist John Dupont
Dupont also worked for FPA and Her Medical Clinic
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In a series starting with last Wednesday's Feature, we began our look at Inglewood Women's Hospital Clinic Center What-have-you. Subsequent articles looked more closely at Inglewood. Now, let's look at what one Inglewood abortionist, John Dupont, was like when he wasn't at Inglewood. Note: The Inglewood entity is Acme Reproductive Services 36 in Lime 5.

Dupont was associated with the death of Kathy Murphy at Inglewood. The year before Kathy Murphy's death, 20-year-old Katherine Morse died from complications of a saline abortion performed on her by Dupont at Bel Air Hospital.

Dupont was also an abortionist for Edward Allred's Family Planning Associates Medical Group (FPA). Some of the suits he faced there include:

  • Catherine R. alleged that she underwent treatment by Dupont April 16, 1986, at FPA, suffering permanent and serious injury. (LA County Superior Court Case No. NEC47207)

  • Susan K. said that she underwent an abortion by Dupont at FPA August 22, 1986, and that he failed to kill the fetus. She underwent a second abortion. (LA County Superior Court Case No. NWC33129)

    Dupont also worked for Leo Kenealley's notorious Her Medical Clinic, where he faced lawsuits including these:

  • Rosalyn W alleged that she had an abortion performed by Dupont at Her Medical Clinic July 11, 1983. Dupont failed to kill the fetus, and failed to inform her that she was still pregnant. She gave birth to the child. (Personally, I don't consider this an injury, but evidently Rosalyn did.) (LA County Superior Court Case No. C503054)

  • Gail H. said that she underwent an abortion by Dupont at Her Medical Clinic January 11, 1982, suffering serious and permanent injury. She sued for loss of earnings. (LA County Superior Court Case No. C414532)

  • Lonnie W., age 23, mother of 3, alleged in her lawsuits that Dupont and other defendants conducted tests December 30, 1981, and discovered that she was pregnant. Lonnie consulted with the defendants, and was advised "she should have an abortion to terminate her pregnancy." The abortion was done that day by Dupont and/or Leo Kenneally at Her Medical Clinic. Whoever performed the abortion did not kill the fetus. Lonnie visited Her Medical Clinic again February 22, 1982, and was informed then of her continued pregnancy. Lonnie said that she "could not bear the emotional trauma of a repeat abortion at that stage in her pregnancy," and gave birth to her child. (The injury, I would say, was subjecting her needlessly to the trauma of an abortion when her later decision to give birth clearly indicates that an abortion was not necessary for her well-being.) (LA County Superior Court Case No. C447811)

  • Consuelo M. said that she had an abortion by Dupont at Her Medical Clinic May 19, 1978. Consuelo said that she was not adequately informed of the risks of the procedure. She returned for follow-up June 1, when she complained of pain. She was examined, and told to return June 8. On June 3 Consuelo was admitted to USC Women's Hospital for a D&C. Her admitting diagnosis was infected incomplete abortion. The attorney for the defense contends that the second D&C showed no infection or products of conception. Consuelo suffered "inability to walk, sit, stoop without pain," and weakness, loss of appetite. Her suit was dismissed for failure to attend a scheduled examination. (LA County Superior Court Case No. 263024)

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