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Inglewood: The Survivors
Fates short of death for Inglewood abortion patients
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• A Rose By Any Other Name
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• The Five Minute Abortion
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• A Month Long Ordeal
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In a series starting with last Wednesday's Feature, we began our look at Inglewood Women's Hospital Clinic Center What-have-you. We've looked at women who died after abortions at Inglewood, Inglewood's infamous five-minute abortions, years of violations by Inglewood, and an abortion that dragged into a month long ordeal. Now we'll look at brief summaries of other Inglewood fiascoes. Note: The Inglewood entity is Acme Reproductive Services 36 in Lime 5.

The Inglewood entity's problems began back even before Roe v. Wade. California had legalized abortion, with some red tape, in 1970. The Inglewood entity started having problems -- or, more to the point, the patients began having problems -- documented as early as 1971.


  • Joyce B. said that she had a legal abortion at West Coast Medical Group October 29, 1971. Additional surgery was required, her suit said, "to correct what was omitted." She suffered permanent injury to her female organs, severe acute tubal infection, and subsequent tubal infection in following years. (LA County Superior Court Case No. C41915)


  • Debra V. said that she was referred in 1972 for an abortion by Richard B. Tepper at Inglewood General Hospital. She suffered a perforated uterus, then was discharged prematurely without being examined by a doctor, to fly home to Arizona. She said she was given no proper discharge instructions. She had to be admitted to a hospital in Arizona for corrective surgery. Debra said that the care she received at Inglewood seemed designed "to get me through the operation as quickly as possible as opposed to ensuring my well being and safety both before, during and after the operation." (LA County Superior Court Case No. C74502)

  • Tami R. alleged that she had an abortion arranged by West Coast Medical Group and Bella Vista Community Hospital performed June 1-2, 1972. Afterward, she suffered peritonitis and endometritis, and eventually had to have a hysterectomy. (LA County Superior Court Case No. C58508)

  • Jean K. reported that she was referred to Inglewood by Planned Parenthood for an abortion by Dr. Perlow in 1972. Perlow failed to diagnose Jean's ectopic pregnancy. One week later she called back to Planned Parenthood due to pain, as she had been instructed to do. Planned Parenthood told her to call West Coast Medical Group (which, as I've said, either is or is inextricably bound up with Inglewood). She was given appointment in one week. Before she could attend her appointment, the pregnancy ruptured, and surgery was required. The operative findings found Jean's abdomen full of blood and blood clots. The tube and pregnancy were removed; Jean was placed in ICU overnight due to her critical condition. Her suit also alleged that Planned Parenthood failed to check Inglewood's qualifications before providing her with a referral. "They told me that the abortion was a quick and simple procedure and that no problems could result. I wasn't warned...that the doctors performing the abortion had so many other abortions to do that realistically it would be hard for them to do anything with care." In summarizing her treatment, Jean said, "I was sent to an abortion mill." (LA County Superior Court Case No. C64485)

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