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Inglewood: The Five Minute Abortion
The speed factor at work
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Elsewhere, we began our look at Inglewood Women's Hospital Clinic Center What-have-you. We also loooked at the women who died after abortions at the Inglewood entity. Now we'll take a look at a significant finding of the investigation into Belinda Byrd's death: the five-minute abortion. Note: The Inglewood entity is Acme Reproductive Services 36 in Lime 5.

California is the home of the assembly-line abortion, and surely Inglewood had it down to an art form. Like a NASCAR pit crew, the Inglewood staff did fast work, getting the patient through the operating room as quickly as possible.

Belinda Byrd was one of 74 women who underwent abortions in Inglewood's single operating room on January 24, 1987 -- and one of 24 operated on in the last two hours of the work day. With 12 abortions being done each of the last two hours, that means that each patient spent an average of five minutes in the procedure room. That's five minutes for staff to clean the room from the previous abortion, position the patient on the table, and start an IV if one was being used. Since Inglewood was using anesthesia, they were probably administering it intravenously. The patient had to be properly anesthetized.

While the staff prepared the patient, the doctor had some time to strip off the bloody gloves from the previous patient, wash his hands, and put on a new pair of gloves. Somebody in that room had to get rid of the soiled linens and instruments from the previous patient. Somebody should have been putting new tubing on the aspirator, collecting the fetal remains from the previous patient, and putting a fresh stockingette and collection jar on the aspirator.

Somebody should have been wiping and disinfecting the abortion table, mopping and disinfecting the operating room floor. Somebody should have been setting up a clean set of instruments.

At some point during this period, the doctor was supposed to review the patient's medical history and discuss any concerns with the patient. He was supposed to perform an examination to verify the pregnancy, and the estimated gestational age. Since this was the first time the patient and the doctor would meet, this would also be the time to assess whether the patient's informed consent had been properly obtained. All in that five minute window.

Once the prep was done, there was less than five minutes for what had to be done for the abortion itself. That meant less than five minutes to dilate the patient's cervix -- in Belinda's case, dilating it enough to remove a 19-week fetus. That meant less than five minutes to reach in with forceps, dismember the fetus, and remove the larger parts. That meant less than five minutes to suction out the placenta and remaining tissues.

What time was left after the abortion itself would be used to rouse the patient from anesthesia and get her out of the operating room and off toward the recovery room so that the next patient could be brought in and aborted.

Also during that five minutes, somebody had to make the appropriate entries in the operating room log. The doctor was supposed to write the operative report in the patient's chart. Notations to be made in that five-minute window include any drugs used, how they were administered, and how they were tolerated by the patient. Notes were to be made of how the patient was prepped for surgery. Notes on the surgery itself were to be entered, including an estimate of the amount of tissue removed. Notes of any suspected complications were to be made, along with notes of any measures taken to treat those suspected complications.

Five minutes for an entire second trimester abortion -- a late second-trimester abortion -- from bringing the patient into the room to removing the patient from the room.

Five minutes for surgery that can change a woman's life, or end it.

Let's move on, shall we?


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