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Pravin Thakkar, Anti-Choice Abortionist
Sexual abuse of patients leads to unwanted abortions
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Just because a guy does abortions doesn't mean he's any friend to women, or a champion of choice. Pravin Thakkar stands as an example.

A woman I'll identify only as Bonnie, age 33, said Thakkar seduced and impregnated her. He then forced medical instruments into her uterus during a July 1987 pelvic examination. Bonnie had suspected she was pregnant but had not considered abortion. She jumped from the examining table and wouldn't let him proceed due to pain. For reasons the news articles don't divulge, Bonnie later allowed Thakkar to complete the abortion which he had initiated without her knowledge or consent.

Another woman I'll call Kathy, age 33, also alleged that Thakkar seduced and impregnated her. She said that Thakkar later aborted her fetus without her consent and over her protests during an examination on January 9, 1988. Kathy sued Thakkar for emotional distress, assault and battery, and wrongful death of the fetus.

A third woman, whom I'll call Carmen, told an even more horrible story. Carmen, age 36, reported that she was 8 months pregnant to Thakkar, who had seduced her. She was at Thakkar's house in 1983 when he gave her drugs to make her sleep. Carmen said that she briefly awoke to hear the muffled sound of a baby's cry. Thakkar told her the baby was still-born. Carmen insisted that she did not consent to terminate the pregnancy. No death certificate was filed for the fetus.

News storys relate numerous episodes of sexually inappropriate or criminal behavior by Thakkar.

One patient I'll identify as Sandi was having an IUD inserted and requested the presence of a nurse. Thakkar told Sandi that the nurse was busy elsewhere. While she was lying on the exam table, Sandi felt Thakkar's penis inserted into her vagina. She pulled away and found Thakkar with his erect penis exposed.

Another patient I'll call Iris said that during an office visit, Thakkar tried to give her his home phone number, and requested that she call him at home. Later that day he came to her house asking to use her phone to answer a pager call. Instead of going to the phone, Thakkar wandered off in her house. Iris sought him and found him standing nude in her bedroom at which point he raped her.

In the wake of the complaints about Thakkar, the medical board ordered a psychiatric evaluation. He was diagnosed by the board-ordered evaluation as having Anti-Social Personality Disorder. After he was convicted of the three illegal and unwanted abortions, prosecutors feared Thakkar would flee the country, having recieved tip that Thakkar had applied for hospital jobs in Canada and Africa under an assumed name.

Sources: Tyler Morning Telegraph 6-12-91, 6-13-91, 6-12-91

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