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Abortionist Ed Perry
Botched abortions at the Lime 5 clinic
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A woman identified as Jennifer said she was very conflicted over her decision to abort. Staff at Chattanooga Women's Clinic would not let her view her ultrasound because clinic policy forbade it. Jennifer was not spoken to by name at the clinic but was told to answer to "Lime 5." Jennifer perceived no staff available to answer her questions.

According to her lawsuit, "Plaintiff was herded together with a number of other women into a room and told that she would experience cramping after the procedure and minimal bleeding.... Plaintiff was treated in an assembly line fashion and was placed in a room with 20 or more women."

Jennifer was not given copies of consent form that she signed, and "was never advised about potential complications...in terms that she could understand." The state-mandated 48-hour waiting period was not observed.

Dr. Ed Perry appeared to perform the abortion "with his shirt unbuttoned, with his chest hair exposed." "During the abortion procedure, Ed Perry continued to use profanity and repeatedly used the word 'fu__.'"

Jennifer's suit also noted, "Perry appeared to be fondling the nurse...and made a comment to the Plaintiff that "nothing is better in life than sex and money." "Plaintiff was shunted off to a common room without the aid or assistance of anyone."

Jennifer's pathology report showed no fetal tissues, only "immature chorionic villi along with decidual tissue." After her abortion, Jennifer called the facility when she was unable to secure transportation to her follow-up visit, and was told "that there was no real need for me to come to the clinic, but that the follow-up visit was simply included as part of the original cash fee."

Jennifer turned out to still be pregnant, which the clinic failed to diagnose because they failed to examine her.

The clinic filed a motion to dismiss, stating "Since Ms. Doe alleges that she changed her mind and decided to keep her child, it is difficult to see how any of her allegations worked to her detriment. If the abortion had been successful, she would not have been able to change her mind and keep the child. Unintentionally she received more than the time she would receive by statute and should be grateful to the defendants for inadvertently making it possible for her to have her child."

This, of course, ignores the fact that this "conflicted" and confused young woman was needlessly subjected to ill-treatment and a risky and unnecessary medical procedure. However, the clinic succeeded, and the case was dismissed. (Knoxville News-Sentinel 10-4-92; Hamilton County Circuit Court Docket No. 92CV-1999)


I didn't put full cites in my notes for the following case:

A suit on behalf of Tanisha R., age 15, alleged injury in an incomplete 1990 abortion by Perry at Volunteer Medical Clinic. Perry was indicted for failure to notify her parents prior to the abortion.


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