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Abortionist Enrique Gerbi
Botched abortions at hospital and NAF clinic
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Dr. Enrique Gerbi worked at Northland Family Planning Clinic, a National Abortion Federation member in Detroit, Michigan. He also worked at Detroit Memorial Hospital.


Ruth Ann S. was sent to Detroit Memorial for an abortion performed October 3, 1984 by Enrique Gerbi. The saline was injected to kill the fetus. At 12:30 AM on October 4, Ruth Ann delivered a live infant girl, that she named Vanessa. The hospital did not have a NICU, and did not transfer Vanessa to another hospital for NICU care. Little Vanessa was "left to languish without the care of an obstetrician and/or a pediatrician." Vanessa suffered brain damage, required heart surgery due to saline damage, and required surgery "to relieve hydrocephalic conditions produced by the result of the salt injection." The baby suffered blindness, mental retardation, severe scarring and burning of her feet, growth retardation, and "Lack of coordination, ambulation and other dysfunctions not yet manifest." The suit also charged Jack Ryan, President/Chief Medical Officer, with failing to "require the checking of the eleven malpractice suits in claims filed against abortionist ENRIQUE GERBI," and with failing to require Gerbi "to present evidence of knowledge and skill" for performing abortions. The suit also faulted the hospital with failing "to require that physical evaluations would be made on patients to determine the gestational age of the fetus before an effort was made to kill the same by abortion techniques," failing to have arrangements for care of live-born infants after abortion, and failure to have Gerbi placed under adequate supervision. (Wayne County Circuit Court Case No. 85-529757)


LaDonna C. alleged that she submitted to an abortion by Gerbi and/or Chinshuh Chen November 3, 1982 at Northland Family Planning. Whichever of them performed the abortion, he failed to establish the gestational age, failed to remove all the fetal tissue, and failed to perform an examination to diagnose the incomplete abortion. LaDonna called after her abortion to report complications, but the clinic didn't bring her in for a follow-up examination. On November 4, LaDonna was hospitalized and diagnosed with septic abortion. She had to undergo a total abdominal hysterectomy. (Wayne County Circuit Court Case No. 83-329626NM)


Carol R. alleged that she had a positive pregnancy test at Northland Family Planning Clinic on July 28, 1981. She was diagnosed as pregnant by Gerbi, then underwent an abortion performed by Gerbi August 4. After the abortion procedure Carol learned that she had not actually been pregnant. Her suit alleged breach of duty in "initiating surgical procedures in a non-emergency situation in reliance upon a diagnostic test which is recognized to have a substantial margin of error" and "failing to administer more accurate or corroborating diagnostic tests prior to initiating surgical procedures." (Oakland County Circuit Court Case No. 83-263002-NM)


A police incident report indicates that a woman approached Gerbi to serve a subpoena. She asked, "Can I talk to you?" to which she alleges he replied, "Yes, you can suck my d--- (or words to that effect)." A police officer who viewed a videotape of the incident reports that the tape showed the woman approach Gerbi, place a paper in his hands, touch his arm, and turn to walk away, whereupon Gerbi kicked the woman and ran into the clinic. Gerbi told the officer that he had felt threatened, and denied kicking the woman. (Livonia police incident report # 93035593)

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