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Abortionist Sunthorn Bunyaviroch
Sued for botched abortions
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Dr. Sunthorn Bunyaviroch practiced in New York City.


Bunyaviroch was a co-defendant in suit by Pamela M. alleging incomplete abortion at Planned Parenthood of New York City. Pamela had undergone a D&C at Planned Parenthood on August 20, 1985. Staff ignored her complaints of severe lower abdominal pain. She returned September 5 for a follow-up exam, and staff failed to fully examine her and correctly diagnose the cause of her continued abdominal pain. Planned Parenthood staff "misdiagnosed plaintiff's condition and advised plaintiff that the surgical procedure had been fully and successfully performed." Pamela was prescribed tetracycline. Pamela "suffered severe dysfunctional uterine bleeding causing her to receive two blood transfusions and be confined to a hospital for a period of 1 1/2 weeks," and was confined to bed for an additional week after her release from the hospital. Pamela was "caused fright, fear, shock and anxiety ... and now suffers from feelings of marked depression brought about by continuing pain, trauma and inability to carry out as before customary and usual routines." (Kings County Supreme Court Index No. 34468/87)

Planned Parenthood of New York City is a member of the National Abortion Federation.


Mae W. alleged that she underwent an abortion by Bunyaviroch on February 7, 1981, after getting a diagnosis of pregnancy and concurrent tumor. After the abortion, Mae became ill, and her condition worsened. Mae returned to Bunyaviroch. He defendant treated Mae with medication and recommended a second abortion, claiming that Mae was still pregnant. Mae continued feeling ill and incapacitated. On March 9, her condition worsened, requiring immediate hospitalization and surgery. Mae faulted Bunyaviroch with failure to take necessary care and precautions, subjecting Mae to needless surgery, causing permanent damage to her reproductive organs. The lawsuit noted, "these injuries are permanent in nature...plaintiff has been confined to a hospital bed and/or home as a result thereof." (Kings County Supreme Court Index No. 3244/83)


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