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Abortionist Gan Tijook
Botched abortions at Chicago abortion mill
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Dr. Gan Tijook practiced at the Associated Concern abortion mill, aka Pre-Birth, in Chicago. Tijook doesn't show up in a search of the Illinois medical board web site.


Valentina T., age 23, alleged that she underwent an abortion by Tijook at Associated Concern March 22, 1975 under the direction of Bijan Ghorbani and Samuel Edwards. Tijook failed to remove the entire fetus, but told Velentina that her abortion was complete. Valentina suffered tears to her body tissues during the abortion. Valentina was not given appropriate post-operative care. After she was discharged from the facility, Valentina discharged fetal parts. She suffered a fever of 104, and was hospitalized March 30 to April 3. She sued for loss of family income due to her husband having to take leave from work to care for her. Valentina's suit alleged that the clinic violated numerous provisions of the Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Center Act, including failure to supervise staff, failure to establish standards of care, failure to secure a pathology report, failure to provide written post-op instructions and emergency phone number, failure to obtain complete medical history, failure to perform complete physical exam, failure to observe the patient for a sufficient period before discharge, failure to admit the patient to a hospital when complications were evident, failure to monitor vitals, and non-compliant newspaper advertising. A Pre-Birth Clinic brochure submitted as evidence in Valentina's case stated that patients would be "given time, and a place for recovery. In the lounge, the woman's physical and mental condition is constantly monitored. Then, for her, its on to a normal life;" "Pre-Birth Clinic is extremely proud of a well-rounded staff providing viable services to the public;" "Pre-Birth Clinic is a 24 hour abortion and vasectomy clinic;" "Pre Birth Clinic believes ... The control of population growth and the keener interest in Ecology had given impetus to the use of voluntary sterilization in males and the terminating of pregnancies in females." (Cook County Circuit Court Case No. 75L 7567)


Denise C., age 20, alleged that she underwent an abortion by Tijook at Associated Concern January 11, 1975. She suffered an incomplete abortion. Tijook failed to provide post-op care or transfer Denise to a hospital. After being discharged from the clinic, Denise suffered pain and bleeding for five weeks. She was hospitalized February 14-16 due to hemorrhage. She also faulted Tijook with lack of informed consent. (Cook County Circuit Court Case No. 75L 17713)


Associated Concern is the facility where Sharon Floyd and Linda Fondren underwent their fatal abortions.

Faizha D. alleged that she underwent an abortion at Associated Concern June 22, 1974. She suffered an incomplete abortion, and damage to her cervix and vagina. She incurred medical expenses and lost wages. (C4576 - Cook County Circuit Court Case No. 76L 11789)

Rebecca R. alleged illness after a 1974 abortion by Dr. Gobanic at Associated Concern.

News reports say that Associated Concern clinic was closed by the Illinois health department July 1, 1975 under allegations of failure to perform exams before abortions and improper record keeping. A reporter alleged calling to make an abortion appointment while the clinic was closed by state; she was told that the doctors were on vacation and would not be able to see her until Friday. (The Abortion Profiteers; Chicago Today 8-16-74, Chicago Tribune 8-17-74, 8-21-74)


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